Twisted Metal: The PS5 reboot would have changed his developer, Sony dissatisfied?

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While its existence has still not been formalized by the big instances, the reboot of Twisted Metal rediscovering him through the NGC site that was already at the origin of the first rumors. Believing our American colleagues, the development of the game would know a chaotic course, with the withdrawal of the project from the hands of Lucid Games, the developers at the origin of the very medium destruction all stars, released on PS5 in February 2021. According to NGC, Sony Interactive Entertainment would have mandated another internal studio to take care of production, knowing that it would be based in Europe. A look in the list of European studios allows us to know that the choice can be done between Media Molecule (LittleBigplanet, Dreams), Guerrilla Games (Horizon), Fireplace, London Studio and Nixes. Difficult to say when we know that each of them is already working on one or more projects and that some do not have the pedigree to resurrect the Twisted Metal license. In the meantime, rumors continue to assert that the release would be scheduled for 2023 on PS5, while the TV series will land at the same period. Among the stars that have already signed a certain Anthony Mackie (the new Falcon Captain America) is already confirmed.