“50: 50 game”: DHB selection starts against Belarus in the EM

Alfred Gílson pursued with crossed arms and strict look the last training of the German handball players in front of the long-awaited EM start. Subsequently, the national coach made itself on the top floor of the team hotel over the roofs of Bratislava with his hungry team to the final finish for the first preliminary round on Belarus this Friday (18 o’clock).

The newly formed DUB selection can hardly expect the first challenge at the final round in Hungary and Slovakia. The mood is super gut. This can only be advantageous. It is something special in the air, said Rückraummer Julius Kuhn on Thursday.

All have fun

The backpack player is one of the four other than European Europeans from 2016 in the team, which wants to inspire with refreshing performances. Gílson also feels the new spirit. The mood in the team is unlicensed at the World Cup or Olympia. The players are pleased to represent Germany and burn to the tournament, said the 62-year-old Icelanders. Maybe we can make the lack of experience a bit with the fun that all have.

High up in the twelfth floor of the European Championship hotel with a great view over the Slovak capital prevailed in its protégés a relaxed atmosphere. The tension is not so big because we are well-prepared. Everyone is looking forward to the tournament start, nobody is cramped, Captain Johannes Golda said.

Two points the clear goal

Nevertheless, Gílson warned of the opponent who should not be underestimated. We know about the strengths of the Bela ruses. They are recorded and have many players who regularly play in the Champions League. This is an absolute 50: 50 game, warned the national coach.

Eight of the 17 players who Gílson took along the European Championship journey, never had a big tournament. We have to quickly take the nervousness and keep our positive mood, said the experienced coach. Because: It’s extremely important as we come to the tournament. It would be very good to start with a positive experience. The goal is clear: two points.

It is said to help playmaker Philipp Weber, who after his shoulder impeller from the France International Game last Sunday had to step several days a little shorter. We assume that he will be ready for the game, Gílson said.


Compared to other teams, the personal sores are extremely low in the German team. Especially since there was no single corona case throughout the preparation. I’m very happy about it, Gílson said. Everyone kept the specifications. The implementation of Corona protective measures in Bratislava he described as very, very well. So far, this was very professional and very correct, both in the hotel and in the hall.

stay healthy and come far

Other teams did not come through so well. Alone at the last German preliminary round of Poland, seven players infected each other. There were two positive cases just before departure to Bratislava, five more after arrival in the European Championship game. Kuhn reacted with black humor: I said: we just have to stay healthy, then we come relatively far.

At least the DUB has made it possible for him. We have a great hotel in which all players are housed in single rooms to minimize the risk of corona infection, said sports board Kramer. We are the best things that it will not fail at the environment.