The RPG The Waylanders says goodbye to your anticipated access in February and progresses News

While planning its launch for November, Cat Studio was forced to postpone the premiere of version 1.0 of The Waylanders until February 2 in Steam and Gog for PC. Now the Spanish team reaffirms in their tranquility plans of their followers and progresses details about the second act of the video game.

By saying goodbye to anticipated access, Cat Studio rises the price of RPG of 34.99 euros at 39.99 euros . However, those who acquire the videogame in their first two weeks on sale will have a 10% discount. On the other hand, and very despite the team in charge, the saved items will be lost with this update by not finding a viable solution for its proper functioning.

Many things will be different about the prior experience cat studio What news do you bring? So far, the videogame had focused his attention on Celtic era, allowing exploring colorful scenarios full of magic, but now the RPG poses his gaze about the medievo where the stone has taken the space of enchanted forests, and the Humanity has occupied the lands once inhabited by mythological creatures. The second act of The Waylanders is about rediscovery, from changes in land and uploading new factions , up to reincarnated characters and transformed companions, many things will be different about the previous experience, he says. Fernando Prieto, a wild cat partner.

In summary, players can be found with a lot of new weapons, armor and other items to discover and equip their group.

If you want to deepen a little more in this national development RPG, you can read the impressions with The Waylanders of Diego Emegé in 3D Games.