Beijing limits Olympic torch on three days

Safety always go, said the vice director of the Organizing Committee, EU Thin, on Friday in Beijing. According to official news agency Xingu, he referred to the prevention of the pandemic and other precautionary measures. The restrictions on road traffic and normal life of around 20 million Beijing should also be limited.

The torch run will therefore lead to the gates of Beijing from 2 to 4 February through the three competition areas in Beijing as well as in Yanking and Zhangjiakou. Around 1200 torch carriers for the winter games and 600 for the subsequent Paralympic competitions were selected. It was about people who would have earned for sports or society. Participants in the torch run must also undergo corona tests.

Two weeks before the start of the winter games from 4 to 20 February, there are a handful of Omicron cases in the capital. Nationwide, only a few dozen infections are reported daily. With its strict zero Covid strategy, China has largely under control the virus. However, there have been some breakouts in recent weeks, so that starting locks were imposed on around 20 million people in at least three metropolises. Many millions were tested and contacts from infected tracked.

The athletes and other participants in the winter games may only move in hermetically closed circuits to prevent the virus inlet. Also, you have to make PCR tests daily. Foreign viewers are not allowed anyway. There are also tickets not outdoors, but will be officially distributed to better control the viewers. You have to test yourself before, during and after the competitions.