[Iguuseum] MS “Game Pass Assembling”

The game industry has been hot in 2022, 2022. It’s Microsoft’s Activision Bleeds Judge. It is the largest in the game industry in the game as a result of the sum of it. When the argument is completed, it is 2023, and when the argument is complete, the Activision Bleeds SMS will be the SMS MS.


As a result, Microsoft became a third-largest game company, following Nintendo and Sony, followed by Sony. In addition, I have a lot of first parties that I will not be southern. Subchard, Warrior, Diablo, Overwatch, as well as the call of Duty, which boasts more than a thousand for a fifteen every year. The existing game, Bethesda’s Paul Out, Elder Scroll, Star Field, Arc ain Studios, Discard, Trade, Neighborhood Studio, Dark, Quake, Wolfing Stein Series, has a hard-known franchise game.

Even in Blizzard and fans, this argument is nice to meet you. Blizzard was a recent problem that it has been in a history of game development, including game development, and has been a host. The new launch was postponed, and the new content was not updated at all the games such as Overwatch and Heroes of The Stop. But now I can expect to be normalized and activated again as much as I met a new capital of MS. This is the same as the E-sports of Blizzard, which is experiencing recent staggers.

In fact, most gamers are halfway. Games Mecca ID ICU I will have a joke I’m going to be a kingdom I will not be a kingdom of , There seems to be no, rpdlaapzk, If you can enjoy Wow with the game pass prices, In addition, there is a gamer that looks like a future like I hope to acquire some developers in the future.

Of course, there is no concern about this argument. There is also a fan who are not the worry of gamers, which are not a bit of a little that is not a bit of a slightly evaluated game, including the E-Sports League, and there are some games that are not being able to see some games that were released as a play time and Nintendo Switch. However, I think that it is more concerned, but I think it is more advantageous for both companies and gamers.

Game Mecca ID Gama ” is Roman ship, and the direction of Acquisition of Acquired Acquisitions will definitely bring great changes to the game industry, like this, Clear. Please expect that the result will be able to extend it in the development of the development.

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