Jujutsu Kaisen 0 also confirms its premiere in Latin America!

Today it was revealed that jujitsu Kaiser 0 , the acclaimed anime film, finally will be released in the United States and Canada next March. Together with this, has been confirmed that the frequency of the adventures of Yuri Atari will arrive in Latin America in the future.

Through an official statement, Crunchyroll has confirmed that jujitsu Kaiser 0 will reach the cinemas of Latin America. Currently, there is no exact date for this, but it is certain that this year we will see Yuma Okhotsk in our nearest cinemas . This is the official description:

When they were children, Riga Orinoco died in a traffic accident in the eyes of her best friend, Yuma Okhotsk. ‘It is a promise. When we are big, we will marry ‘. Riga became a spirit and Yuma came to wish himself his own death after suffering him curse, but the great sorcerer GOO SATORI (Satori Goo) welcomed the Sorcery Academy.

There Yuma knows his companions: Make Zen’in, Tone Intake and Panda, and finally find the determination he was missing. ‘I finally have the confidence to say that it is not bad that you continue to live!’. ‘Being at the Academy of Sorcery, I will be able to break the curse of Riga’.

Meanwhile, the evil user of curses suburb Get, who was expelled from the Sorcery Academy for murdering innocents, appears against Yuma and the rest. ‘On December 24 we will celebrate the night parade of the hundred demons’.

Get aspires to create an exclusive paradise for sorcerers and decides to release thousands of curses in Shikoku and Kyoto to exterminate all those who are not sorcerers.

Can Yuma stop Get?

And what will happen to break the curse of Riga?

Along with this, a list of voices in Japanese has been shared, where he talks about the return of Quiche Nakamura as Satori Goo, as well as more actors. E STO seems to indicate that the version that will come to our region will be the subtitling , and does not mention some dubbing.

On related topics, you can learn more about the premiere of Jujitsu Kaiser 0 in the United States here. Similarly, the second season of this anime is still far away.

Editor’s note:

These is good news. Considering that in the United States this film will be released in just two months, this means that at some point in summer or autumn we will see jujitsu Kaiser 0 in our region. It will be interesting to see if this tape manages to break the box office records of DEMON SLAYER: Eugen Train internationally.