Neowiz, its service games New Years Event

Neo wiz (joint representative literature, Kim Seung-chul) said mobile games that are served by mobile games to start the event ahead of the National Taehyung New Year’s Day.


Mobile RPG ‘Kingdom of Heroes: Atticus Warring’s’ from the 27th to February 20th to the game, Depending on the consumption, it is possible to obtain an item such as ‘light summary’, ‘debris of memory’ and ‘silver’, ‘silver’. In addition, a three-fold event is held from 29th to February 2, and a crack event that provides ‘fairies for technology’ for 2 days from 31 to 2 days.

Mobile Healing Clicker Games ‘Other Girl’ offers a new user for a new user until February 6, and one of the one-choice of Star Pass is a free 1. In addition, the ‘Star Pass Goods’, which can receive limited costumes, others, and sounders in the game, will be sold at 60% discounted prices.

Mobile Healing Bullet Game ‘Cat and Soup’ is a ‘Harbor Costume’ and Korean Background Event Facility’ ‘Provides’. Here, you can take advantage of the traditional furniture package to take advantage of the traditional furniture package, and you can purchase the ‘tiger friend’ and ‘I am a king’ in the store.

In Mobile RPG ‘Triple Fantasy’, it is possible to participate in the ‘Hwangryong Dungeon’ to the snow from 28th to February 7, and a variety of quests to acquire items such as ‘Did’, ‘Legend Arena’. In particular, all the mine compensation amount, experience value, and drink amount of war is increased by 50% during the event period. In addition, from 28th to February 14th, we can acquire the event card ‘Family Ho’ through advanced summoning, and the ‘legend card’, ‘special back’, and the attendance event, which can receive advanced compensation such as ‘special back’. In addition, with this, the preliminary card appearance is 2.5 times the preliminary card appearance for 2 days from 31 to 2 days, and the special push compensation is paid until February 7.