Battlefield 2042: Erboste players want their money back, associated petition at more than 70,000 signatures

There is no longer a secret that the ego shooter Battlefield 2042 (from 34.29 € at Buy) has no good stand with the fans. Numerous problems and one or the other shitstorm from the community have caused heated minds. Even Electronic Arts has now admitted that the game has not fulfilled the high expectations (we reported). Now the fans even demand their money back.

Battlefield 2042 Players Demand Refunds With Petition!

For this purpose, you recently launched an online petition on the Change.org platform. There they help both Electronic Arts and the Developer Studio Dice to have not adhered to numerous promises around Battlefield 2042. In addition, they complain of the unplayable state in which the ego shooter came on the launch of the launch. With the help of the petition, the fans want to achieve that Electronic Arts granted all the fans a refund of the purchase price that explicitly demand that – no matter which platform they have bought the game.

By current time (9 February 2022), more than 70,000 signatures have already come together – trend rapidly. In brief, the online petition could even crack the 75,000 mark. Whether and how Electronic Arts can influence it remains to be seen.

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