Director of Days Gone wanted to make a game of uncharted with Sully

Jeff Ross, Director of Days Gone , has been participating in a lot of recent months and has taken advantage of these opportunities to reveal new and unpublished details related to the canceled sequel to this zombie game, as well. As a few ideas he had to win again the confidence of Sony . Among them, a title of uncharted starred by Víctor Sullivan.

PLACING WITH VGC , Ross mentioned that after Sony will not authorize the sequel of Days Gone, he and his team began to think about what other properties of PlayStation Could manage, and one of the ideas they had was creating a prequel for uncharted with Sully on the main role:

“Victor Sullivan at the age of 25 in a very stylized world around 1976, I think that would be his age.

Days Gone's director wanted to make an Uncharted game about young Sully ps5

Was expelled from the Navy for certain reasons, and I think that you see him young and trying to find his way in this world having a soldier or a military one to what he is now, I’m on the street and I’m going to turn into a swindler.”

However, one of the problems with which they found Ross and his team was that this story may not translate very well as to Gameplay, because there were not really many shooting sequences and * Ross * I did not want to create a game like that.

Editor’s note: Now that Nathan Drake’s adventure came to an end with Uncharted 4, it would not be bad to have some kind of spin-off starring some other characters in the saga, as happened with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.