Guide to open Dying Light 2 locks: How to open locks and manufacture Ganzas

You will find some containers and closed doors in Dying Light 2. You can block your way to the goal you need to reach, or simply hide an item, gun or incredibly rare garment. This Dying Light 2 Guide to open locks will explain how to create ganzas, open locks and increase your ability to open locks to easily facilitate things.

Elaboration of Ganzúas

First, you must make sure you have ganzos. They teach you how to make them in the game tutorial, but if you forgot, you will need some ‘cuts’ and ‘cloth rags’.

Whenever you have them, open the ‘Create’ menu by pressing the Touch Panel on PS4 / PS5 and the menu button on Xbox Series X | S / XB1 and press the ‘Create’ tab.

Here, select the ‘LockPick’ preparation recipe and press X / A. This will make you believe two, or you can press triangle / and to create the maximum amount of ganzas with the amount of ingredients you have.

Now that it has its ganzas, we can go back to open locks.

Force Locks in Dying Light 2

The Minigame of Open Locks in Dying Light 2 is very similar to that of the Fallout Series and The Elder Scrolls. Its two analog levers will be used to rotate the lock and adjust the position of the pin.

Specifically, it will use the right analog lever to rotate the lock and the left analog lever to adjust the position of the pin inside the lock.

The more resistance you feel when moving the right analog joystick, the further the pin of the correct position will be. The objective here is to adjust the analog levers until you find the position in which the lock can rotate 90 degrees and open.

Then, the best way to force the lock on Dying Light 2 is to move the left analog lever around different parts of the lock and then give a gentle push to the right analog lever to see if it rotates. If he does, he keeps turning. If you stop turning, release the right analog lever and try another place from the lock.

How To Unlock Safes In Dying Light 2 Guide

It is greatly a proof and error process, but it is not so difficult to understand it once you have successfully chosen some locks.

However, keep in mind that there are three different levels of difficulty when it comes to forcing locks: easy, medium and difficult. You can improve your skills to open locks simply by selecting more locks. The practice makes the teacher, after all.

That’s all you need to know about How to Force Locks in Dying Light 2 . To get more tips, tricks and guides, go to our wiki or see more of our coverage about the game below.

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