Janni Serras Schlenzer “Would have gone anywhere else”

“It was a very competitive game with a fair draw,” Stefan Ortega Moreno summoned the dot division against Gladbach on the “Sky” microph1. Much did not get the Bielefelder Cover Man, but still had to grab behind. “Both teams had beautiful attacks and both could have gained today,” says Ortega Moreno. One of these beautiful attacks also introduced an even better goal to Bielefelder leadership.

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Patrick Wimmer tunneled at the outside line Nico Elvedi and sent Janni Serra on the journey. The attacker left three Gladbacher in the penalty area and then swelled the ball with a beautiful 17 meters in the left corner. His second goal this season is the confirmation of its ascending form, since the 16th matchday, the summertime access is regularly in the starting eleven.

“With the head through the wall”

“I’m getting better and better, the playing time I’m doing very well and of course I bring myself self-confidence,” says Serra, who fought the motto “with his head through the wall” in his goal. “The pass to Wimmer was not so often out of the sixteenth, who could have done where elsewhere, but I met him well,” the 23-year-old described the first Bundesliga home hit of Bielefelder against Gladbach since 2003.

The gate was not enough for victory, the twelfth counter from the last six games makes the Arminia in the fight for the league stop but continues to stand well. “Currently we do it very well,” says Serra, self-confidence had increased significantly throughout the team.

On this point, the Arminia is currently superior to the coming opponent from Hoffenheim, the TSG lost in Mainz the fourth commitment in a row. “We will give our best to score there,” Serra looks ahead.