Path Of Exile

Path of Exile: detailed guide by pumping for beginners (PoE 3.17)

Path of Exile is a difficult game even for those who are familiar with the ARPG genre and the games like Diablo. There are many complex and interconnected mechanics in it, each of which can significantly facilitate your gameplay if you learn to use it for your benefit. In this guide you will find all the necessary information on how to increase the level of your character in the path of exile, which items should be assembled during pumping, where to take a portal scrolls and much more.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Simple build for pumping level in Path of Exile
  • 4. Obtaining connections of nests needed to pump a level in PoE
  • 5. Getting the necessary precious stones
  • 6. Read more about the monetary system in Path of Exile
  • 7. Fast experience of experience to increase levels
  • eight. Climbing and labyrinth
  • 9. Resistance Information in Path Of Exile
  • 10. The importance of bottles in Path of Exile

1. Introduction

If you first meet PoE and still do not know the basics of the game, we recommend that you read our guide for beginners who will introduce you to the case. In it you will find an explanation of the main game functions, information about the tree of passive talents, features of the choice of stones and so on. In addition, it is described in it than all classes in the path of exile are different.

To date, there is a huge number of techniques, secrets and tricks, which are used by experienced players in the world of Racklast for rapidly pumping characters. But to use them, first you should figure out the basics of the game and learn how to manage your hero.

2. Simple build for pumping level in Path of Exile

Many players, both newcomers and more experienced, sooner or later, the question arises, which build is worth choosing at the start so that it also goes to play at high levels. It is possible when you pump to the maximum, you will want to play with a bild, based on righteous fire with a bunch of totems, but that this is embodied in reality, we will have to think in advance the path you will come to the finish. Otherwise, it is unlikely that you will succeed without the cost of a large number of areas of repentance.

In many cases, it is best to pump the level with proven ways than to do everything “in its own way” from the very beginning, and then suffer from the fact that you have chosen the wrong version of the hero. In general, you need to choose for pumping the ability that require the same passive skills as the final build.

To date, there are many abilities that are suitable for pumping in the path of exile. Below we list the best of them:

  • Lightning chain
  • Whirlwind Klinkov
  • Fire trap
  • Stamp storm
  • Static discharge
  • Armageddon stamp
  • Disinterested
  • Fire storm
  • Blizzard
  • Winter sphere
  • Spark
  • Cleansing flames

Perhaps the most infamous example of buildings, which is very difficult to pump at the beginning of the league – it is builds with a bow. Many of these assemblies need subjects relevant in the later stages of the game, thanks to which their effectiveness increases significantly. When choosing the abilities that are most suitable for pumping levels, it is recommended to give preference to skills with a high base damage and the possibility of defeating several goals without having to use additional support for support, such as many additional shells.


Surely you want to collect almost everything that falls out of monsters. Sometimes beginners to pain is a pity to leave one or another item on Earth, especially if it is yellow. However, PoE has something, with which you have to come to accept anyway, so as not to complicate the game. You need to get rid of the desire to take everything that is lying on the ground, or at least take only the most useful. And we do not exaggerate. You must stop collecting everything if you want to pump quickly and without any problems. And so that you feel easier to get used to it, we will say that most things that fall out with monsters are generally useless and they are not worthy of occupying a precious place in your already close inventory.

Think ourselves: the best items in this game fall out of high level enemies. If you pump out, then most likely you are in low level location. Therefore, all that will fall there – no more than just trash. However, the decorations (amulets, belt, rings) still should be chosen because they can have good bonuses

In addition to jewelry, you can collect rare items that can be put on your hero. For example, if you have a level level 10 and the white bib will be on the character, you will definitely choose the breastplate with the name of blue. If you play at an early league stage, the collection of rare items can help you accumulate wisdom scrolls.

But still, if you just start playing, do not focus on collecting all items and fold them into your cache. So you will spend a lot of time on the permanent visit to the city, where the cache or NPS is located, which buses any trash to free his inventory.

However, pay attention to the fact that if you play Solo-Self Found League, especially on Hardcore, you can collect if not all, then at least the most valuable thing in the hope that you are really a useful item.

Fight wisdom scrolls and portal scrolls

One of the main differences between beginners and experienced players is that new players have wisdom and portals and portals, while the “veterans” Poe often do not even pick them up. Meanwhile, you probably had a question – how then to travel on locations without collecting these items?

The answer is simple – the scope of transformation. This item often falls on players throughout the game. By itself, it is unlikely, with the exception of several special situations. But you can exchange it on a scroll of wisdom in a ratio of 1 to 4 from any NPS-merchant.

This cunning trick will allow you to have a huge number of wisdom scrolls from the very beginning of the game without collecting them with monsters.

Scrolls of the portal can also be not assembled because they are sold from merchants for 3 wisdom scrolls. This means that 1 sphere of transformation conditionally costs 1.25 scroll of the portal. If you wish, you can buy a portal skill stone to get rid of the need to carry the portal scrolls at all.

Adjustment Filter Prey

In the path of exile there are tens of thousands of items and currencies, and it would be quite difficult to teach a newcomer to understand them. Fortunately, in the game there is a production filter – a great way to highlight the best and rare items and cut off unnecessary garbage, unworthy of your attention. Adjusting the extraction filter takes literally a few minutes. It is very important at all stages of the gameplay, especially at high levels when the player drops so much prey that it fills the entire screen. The image below shows a comparison of the amount of production without a filter and with a filter.

How to configure production filter in the path of exile:

  1. • To configure the production filter in the Path of Exile, visit the sitefilterBlade.xyz_ _ and select the main parameters._
  2. _Sile give your filter and download it.
  3. Delle Place the downloaded file in the Documents / My Games / Path Of Exile. folder
  4. Teer Enter the game, press ESC -> Settings and go to the game tab. The second line in this tab will allow you to download your extraction filter.

The extraction filter will save from confusion in rarity objects and will be useful both for beginners and experienced players. With him you will only see the most rare and most valuable items allocated by more noticeable color. Most useless items for you will be separated by the filter. If necessary, you can reconfigure these parameters if necessary. Higher-level players with a good financial condition in the game often prefer to use the most strict filters so as not to spend time on the hand-made sealing of the garbage dropping out of monsters.

4. Obtaining connections of nests needed to pump a level in PoE

No one begins to play the league with Tabula Race in the inventory. But how to collect more or less working builds without good elements of equipment and / or socket connections? Without the sphere of the crown and the sphere of the connection, it will not work independently. Therefore, immediately discard this vent.

The production filter, which we talked above can help you choose the desired equipment. With him, the player will see objects that have 3-4 communications. They automatically stand out at low levels, so you will quickly find those armor and weapons that you need.

We also strongly recommend seeing the range of goods from merchants in the city. You can with a certain chance to purchase an item with a triple link at a level 1 if you visit Nesys or Tarkley on the depression of a lion’s eye and see what they sell.

Changing the color nests on equipment

If you managed to get a subject with several connections from the very beginning, you must make sure that their color is suitable for the gems of the skills that you are going to use. If their color does not match the stones, then use the color sphere to adjust the color of the cells under gems. In our guide for beginners, we told that each subject has its own type that affects what the color of the nest will be:

  • Objects with evasion have green nests;
  • Objects with an energy shield have blue nests;
  • Items with armor have red nests.

This also applies to the characteristics for weapons. Swords and daggers – dexterity, wands – intelligence and so on.

Therefore, the easiest way to start changing the nests from that subject, which is likely to get the color of the cell for you at the minimum cost of color spheres. If you are trying to get 4 blue nests on an end to evasion, then you will most likely have to spend hundreds of colored spheres that you guarantee will not be in the early stages of the game.

Where to take color spheres?

Color sphere is an object that can be obtained when selling an item with 1 blue, 1 green and 1 red jack. However, you will receive a color sphere only if all three multicolored sockets have a common link (see the picture below).

In this case, the extraction filter comes to the rescue, which highlights objects having three connected sockets. Collect such a lie and sell it a merchant to accumulate many color spheres. And although these spheres do not have a special financial value, they will be useful, as they give you complete freedom in terms of choosing equipment. That is, you can choose the best equipment, despite the fact that it has nests, because with the help of color spheres they can be configured in accordance with your preferences.

5. Getting the necessary precious stones

Many classes receive gems of basic abilities as a reward for the performance of tasks throughout the game. However, it is worth noting that the type of award is determined by your class. For example, classes depending on the characteristics “force” will receive more red stones, while classes with intelligence give more blue gems.

Muling (Muling) is a special technique that is used by experienced players in the early stages of the League. With it, you can get those gems that are most relevant in the act 1. It looks like this: you create a hero who are not going to play at high levels, make them quests and get precious stones. Since the execution of start-up tasks takes literally a few minutes, you can quickly get a couple of useful precious stones and fold them in a cache immediately after the league is launched.

Some precious stones cannot be received by your main character as a quest reward due to the features of its class, but they can be bought from a certain seller after the completion of the quest, which would give them to another class. The only fast and surest way to find out how to get some kind of gems are to use the Path of Exile Wiki database.

Syos, with whom you meet in the library in Act 3, is the source of almost any stone that is in the game at the moment. You can use the Sieos to get some particular gem when you get to it. Having achieved an act 4, you will meet Lily’s mouth. It sells all the gems available in the game, with the exception of very rare samples, such as an amplifier and a mentor.

Pumping basic and additional stones skills

If you have chosen the skills that make this process as much as possible, but in the future you are not going to use them, pay attention to the fact that there is a way to pour another set of gems at the same time. All you need to do is equip a second set of weapons. You can do this in the inventory window. Open the backpack and click on “II” above the cell with a weapon. You can also switch to the second set of additional weapons by pressing the X. button

When pumping a level, you can equip on the hero two one-handed weapons of any type that have 3 sockets. The secret is that weapons located on an additional tab of the inventory also receives experience as your main weapon, even when it is not active. Thus, you have the opportunity to pump up 6 additional gems with those skills that will be suitable for you in the future.

Get gems with 20% quality

Improving gems using the above described method can also be used for another purpose – obtaining high-quality gems. If you give a trader stone 20 level + 1 pc. Prism Kamneze, then he will return to you the same stone with 20% quality, but level 1.

Typically, stones 20 levels with 20% quality are very expensive at the beginning of the league. Therefore, you can replace the level 1 from the seller with 20% quality and pump them to a maximum using a tab for additional weapons.

Why are some guides recommend choosing low-level stones?

In many guides, it is said that some precious stones have a limit on the levels and pump them above the recommended 1. The most striking example of this are gems Creation of the Char upon receipt of damage and the witchcraft release, since many buildings include two of these stones at once. The main reason is that some stones should not be pumped above the recommended level, in the fact that increasing the level of gem increases their threshold for activation, so in some cases a high level of stone can interfere with a normal game.

For example, the creation of the Char upon receipt of damage constantly activates the stones associated with it when a certain amount of damage is obtained. Pumping gem, you increase the amount of damage required, which should receive your character before the associated gems will work. Since the creation of the Char upon receipt of the damage is most often associated with the call for immortality, providing immunity to physical damage for a short time, will be much better if this bunch will trigger consistently.

However, in the case of the creation of the Char, when receiving a damage, the stone pumping has some advantages. The main requirement to use this gem – 38 level at 1 level of st1. In this case, it will only support those stones that have the same requirements – 38 levels or lower. This means that the use of the creation of the Char upon receipt of the level 1 level will give you the opportunity to use low-level stones (usually 1-5) when they are associated with it. But if you pump the creation of the Char upon receipt of the damage, you can associate more powerful gems with it. It will be useful in cases where you plan to use such stones as time and label of the leader.

How to stop pumping gems?

When the stone has accumulated enough experience and is ready to raise the level, you will see the appropriate notification on the right side of the screen with the icon in the form of a cross. It tells you that you can click on the cross and increase the level of this st1. If you want the gem to remain at the current level, you can simply ignore the notification. But, perhaps hanging under the list, the alert will be annoying you. This is especially happening when there are several such notifications. Do not be discouraged, the way to make them disappear there.

If you want to stop the pumping of any gem, simply click right-click on the cross next to the notification. It will remove the alert from the screen. If you want to increase the level of the stone in the future, open your inventory and find a list of stones that expect a level increase.

Slowness of the level of gems

Sometimes it happens that a player who wants to keep the current level of the Witchcraft support stone at the 7th level, accidentally clicks on the cross and translates it to 8 levels. In such a situation, it is not worth upset, because it is possible to lower the level of gem.

To fix your mistake, go to the merchant and pass to him a witch emission 8 level + 1 pc. Sphere of purification. In return, he will give you the same stone, but at the level below.

6. Read more about the monetary system in Path of Exile

The most complex and confusing feature of the path of exile is a monetary system. When you first pump your character, you will notice that you come across various “spheres”, from simple non-ferrous spheres to more rare and valuable spheres of chaos. You immediately pay attention to the fact that some areas have practical application, for example, some can create links between stones nests, while others change the properties of any objects.

During pumping, you must collect all the spheres falling out and put them in your cache. They will serve you not only as a local currency, for which you can buy goods from other players, but also come in handy for more accurate customization of your equipment in the future.

Do you need to spend spheres for improving equipment?

The beginners are not recommended to engage in the creation of equipment with the help of its money. You need to remember that in the path of exile there are a lot of different properties and affixes, and many of them are found only on certain subjects. If you do not have a clear idea that you need from the equipment specifically and how much “money” will need to spend on obtaining the necessary item, then you simply throw your currency into the wind.

It is also necessary to know that the level of the subject directly affects the number of one or another characteristic that it may have. Attempting to create a good low-level item in most case ends with failure. Even if you manage to make an object with a good set of characteristics, they are unlikely to be big. More information about this aspect of the gameplay can be found on the website.

7. Fast experience of experience to increase levels

The biggest mistake of newcomers – the desire to clean up the whole location from the monsters to get a lot of experience and quickly take a new level. In fact, fast pumping depreciates the stages of the plot and does not allow to gradually collect useful items for the hero. Therefore, do not clean up completely all the location. Nothing good will not give you.

For maximum pumping efficiency, ideally, you need to be several levels below the zone in which you play at the moment. Advanced players often deliberately try to make their character on 2-3 levels lower than monsters. Thanks to this, they receive a sufficient amount of experience and develop as needed by the plot.

battle with monsters

If your character is hard to cope with monsters or bosses, you are likely to think about investing in improving equipment or the creation of connections for nests with stones. You can purchase the desired equipment on the website. It is a legal center for trading between players in the path of exile, where you can find literally any equipment and in-game items that will be useful during pumping. Often, you can get them in just 1 of the chaos or even less.

As a rule, the need for improved equipment arise in the event that you initially chose unsuitable for pumping the hero of the ability. But you can always choose other skills of skills or add equipment with 4 connected nests to your starter build to fill the shortage of damage in battles with monsters.

eight. Climbing and labyrinth

Climbing is an important component of the gameplay that will allow you to make your character even stronger. For example, a witch who wants to increase the power of lightning damage will choose a subclass of a magician, and a savage that needs to strengthen its protection and regeneration will become a conqueror.

To complete the climb, the player needs to go through a labyrinth without one death. The labyrinth consists of 4 levels of complexity, each of which gives 2 points of climbing for the first passage. To access the labyrinth, you need to go through the appropriate climb test. It is done once behind the league and once for all your characters.

The complexity of the labyrinth Level area Locations
First labyrinth 33
  • Prison dungeon (act 1)
  • Cyrp – Level 1
  • Abode of sins – Level 2 (Act 2)
  • Crematorium
  • Catacombs
  • Imperial gardens

Brutal labyrinth | 55 |

  • Prison dungeon (act 6)
  • Crypt (act 7)
  • Abode of sins – Level 2 (Act 7)

Ruthless labyrinth | 68 |

PoE 3.17 - League Start Tips

  • Bathing (Act 8)
  • Tunnel (act 9)
  • Knights (Act 10)

Eternal labyrinth | 75 |

  • Maps

For victory in the labyrinth, the player must defeat the Boss Isaro three times. In each fight you will have to donate 33% of your health to succeed. Izaro has different incarnations, and every time he will be under the action of buffs or accompanied by assistants.

Welcome in the passage of the test you can website

9. Resistance Information in Path Of Exile

In the Path of Exile there are three main types of spontaneous damage – cold, lightning and fire. Both players and monsters may have resistance to these types of damage, which affects the overall damage resulting by them.

The spontaneous damage can also impose negative effects on the purpose corresponding to the type of damage obtained. With the pumped resistance, including the likelihood of obtaining a debuff is reduced. Critical strikes have a 100% chance to impose a negative effect on the purpose, and the cooling slowdown can be superimposed by any blow.

Below we list 4 the main types of negative effects:

Effect name Element Description
Cooling Cold Slow target by 30%
Freezing Cold Does not allow goal to move, attack and use any abilities
Arson Fire Deeps periodic damage
Shock Lightning Increases damage resulting

In the update of 3.5.0 Path of Exile: the betrayal was added three more negative effects, but they can be superimposed by players who have one of the following unique helmets:

  • Flame glance
  • Ice eyes
  • Thunderless

The resistance of the elements is the most important aspect of the survival of your character in the harsh world of the Racklast! _

Resistance to each element can reach a maximum of 75%. This means that you can collect at least 150% of the resistance to a specific element, but the decrease in the resulting damage cannot exceed the mark of 75%. However, if your character gets the effect of a curse, which reduces its resistance to the specific element, excessive resistance will compensate for it.

You can see the status of the resistance of your hero by opening a section with information about the Character (Button C) and switched to the “Protection” tab.

Figures in brackets show your overall resistance, and the number on the left indicates the limit of the active resistance. Resistance limits can be increased in excess of their standard value using certain means. For example, to increase the resistance limit can gem of rescue from fire or such equipment elements as weaving legends or homemade Saffella. In addition, there are several nodes in the passive skill tree that allow you to increase the resistance limit to the elements of 1%.

It is extremely important that you have a minimum of 75% of the resistance of cold, fire and lightning. You can increase these indicators using items with the appropriate characteristics and skills in the passive skill tree.

Resistance calculation with formulas

Every time you get damage from the elements, it is filtered through a multiplier based on your resistance to this type of damage. For example, if you hit 20,000 fire damage in the presence of 70% of the fire resistance, then in the end you will get:

  • 20000 × (1 – 0.70) = 6000 fire damage

However, if you had reached a resistance limit of 75%, the final result would be as follows:

  • 20000 × (1 – 0.75) = 5000 fire damage

Now let’s see here:

  • 1 – (5000/6000) = 0.167

And therefore, even the difference in the resistance of fire and is only 5%, the player who has reached the limit of resistance will receive 16.7% less damage from this element.

The above is a vivid example of resistance efficiency, but there are few damage to the game that may have such extreme values. Meanwhile, the numbers we presented most clearly show you how resistance works in the path of exile. Based on this, we recommend that you necessarily have a minimum of 75% resistance for each of the elements to reduce the likelihood of a strong spontaneous damage.

Damage from Chaos

Damage from Chaos ignores the energy shield, causing direct damage to the head of the health of opponents, and it is not considered a spontaneous damage. In general, you rarely face a similar type of damage, so it is not necessary to make focus on pumping resistance. By the end of the game in the Path of Exile, you will most likely be about 60% of the chaos resistance. This is the standard value specified without taking into account the resistance obtained from the nodes in the passive skills tree and the characteristics on equipment. Fortunately, most of the damage from chaos fit into these 60%, so you will not need to have more resistance than you will be by default.

Unlike resistance to the elements, you should not worry about the resistance of chaos below the standard mark of 75%. So it will be in all builds, and this is normal. However, there are special builds that are aimed at full immunity damage from chaos, but you can hardly use them.

fines to resistance

The game has fines to resist, which gradually increase as the plot moves. When you start the game in the act 1, the fine to the default resistance is zero. However, in the future you will get a decrease in resistance, since your equipment will become better and better. This is done in order to avoid imbalance.

The table below shows how stages and which fines are applied to the player.

Penalty to resistance At what stage the penalty is imposed
0% Act 1.
-30% Act 4.
-60% Epilogue

In fact, it looks like this: if you have 75% of resistance in the act 1, then in the act 4 you will have 45% and only 15% in the epilogue. The only way to compensate for this penalty is to improve your equipment as it moves along the plot.

10. The importance of bottles in Path of Exile

The vials are one of the most unusual and important mechanics in the path of exile, which depends on how quickly your hero is pumped. It is thanks to them that you can get out of a difficult situation and greatly facilitate the process of raising a level, especially in the 5 and further.

Mana and Health Vials – Standard Items with which each player begins, and many newbies never enjoy something else, except for them, until the final reached. However, it is worth noting that some bottles can be extremely valuable during pumping due to their imbalance at lower levels.

Below we list the main of them:

  • Mercury bottle is one of the most useful things while pumping the character. At the beginning of the game, we recommend you stockdays two such bottles to always have acceleration at hand. Mercury bottle will allow you to quickly move around locations and avoid combat with unnecessary monsters. It is worth noting that mercury bottles have their own suffixes that increase their effectiveness. Usually they are found at the 5th level of the subject or higher. The mercury bottle, which gives Ness for the Quest “Ship First Aid Kit” in Act 1, has only 3 levels, so you can call it good with stretch. However, mercury bottles are quite common and often fall out of monsters. You can probably find some good bottles already to the act 3.
  • Granite bottle adds your character +1500 to armor. It is already available at level 27, which makes it one of the good ways to relieve pumping. If you get into the crowd of monsters in an act 4 or 5, the granite bottle will protect you from physical damage, which will be especially useful for such “fragile” heroes like a witch.
  • If you play with the passive skill of acrobatics at low levels, your armor decreases by 50%. To compensate for this, use the jade bottle or the stibned bottle or immediately both bottles. They will increase the indicator of your evasion and become an excellent solution for the player who wants to make his character with a clever and elusive.
  • Diamond bottle increases the likelihood of a critical strike, which makes it an ideal option for the characters depending on Crete. With this bottle, you will greatly simplify the process of pumping, because at low levels of a constant chance of Crete to achieve very hard.
  • Silver bottle is suitable for different builds during pumping, because it provides a hero of the “Combat Razh” effect, which increases the speed of attack, the speed of the creation of the charmer and movement by 20%. It will be useful both during pumping and the final stages of the game.

In the path of exile you can find many other bottles. Some of them are suitable for the final game or for specific buildings. After you get to the act 5 and decide to move to the second part of the game, you must acquire something more than just a mana / health bottle. In fact, the batons of Mana are usually completely useless for pumping the character, unless you use the gem of mind above the matter. But if you suddenly have problems in managing a man man, use instead of bottles to restore this resource the clarity of the mind. Also note that more than 2 bottles for health restoration are also not needed.