Apparently, Blizzard has been working on the new survival for years

The people responsible of Blizzard have always tilted to grab a little accessible genre and then develop the accessible game in the market for this. The best example of this is of course World of Warcraft. In the next step, the Californians would like to accept the survival division, which could certainly tolerate a little blizzard magic (if there are still today).

years in development?

Of course we refer to the announcement of a survival games of 26 January 2022 . So no one had expected, as Mike Ybara exciting news indicated . The announcement itself left with us but above all an impression: The project without an official name is still traveling away from a publication. Finally, there were only two artworks, barely details (release on PC and consoles) as well as attached vacancies.

Now, however, two hints have surfaced that the developers have been working at the game for several years. Note Number 1: Craig Amai, the project head for the survival game, previously belonged to the WOW team. And when did the change took place according to his linkedin profile (via PC Games)? In July 2017.

HUGE: Blizzard Announce First New IP In EIGHT Years

Note Number 2: Blizzard’s Chef Mike Ybarra revealed Via Twitter that he could play the freshly announced game several hours.

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He was enthusiastic about the vision of the team and the new, immersive world presented here the players. A playable build, with which you can spend several hours, but you do not even romp so out of the ground. There must already be a few years work in the project.