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Gamer for 20 years – and yet I have not learned an important lesson

Gaming has been part of my everyday life for almost 20 years. And although I have learned a lot in all these years, there is a lesson that I still have not internalized – and that’s done! Not every game I start, I have to play through too.

A Comment by Robert Kohlick.

When I start something, I have to finish it too

Keep up! Stay tuned! Just do not give up now! Even in childhood, we are taught that we simply have to “go through” some things. That may be completely true in some situations – while Games, however, is not the case. However, my subconscious seems to see that differently.

I tend to a kind of attenuated form of “Completionism”. While proper complete Completionists can not put a game aside, if you do any challenge, any collectible collected and every trophy to have played, it is perfect for me to just play a game to complete. The problem on the matter: I feel, if I do not fun for a game after a few hours.

Fallout 4: After 24 hours I had no…

An example complacent? A few years ago, I haught myself to finally play Fallout 4. In my first few hours I really had fun with the game. I made outgoing exploration tours, which sometimes rewarded me with ingenious Loot. I improved my character with some cool Perks and due to the increased level of difficulty initially had really exciting battles, which brought me to the edge of death again and again.

Why I'll NEVER Play Video Games Again After Learning This

But this fascination continued to escape with the every level of my character. I became more and more powerful, sometime even inexorably. And since the dialogue system in Fallout 4 completely disappointed me, many situations ended in blunt ball shops, which headed for several minutes. I was burned out – and after about 24 hours playing time. But I could not stop. I had to end Fallout 4 – even if I did not give me a pleasure anymore. **

_In our video test to fallout 4 came the roleplay significantly better then: _

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And so I tormented me for another 24 hours through the story and some side quests until I finally saw the credits over the screen for almost 50 hours. Then – and only then – could I go through to finish the game via Alt + F4 and to throw it eight-edged from my hard drive. I was redeemed!

Above all in huge open-world and role-playing games you can sink countless hours: _

Just play something else? That’s not possible!

Actually, I should have learned my lesson at the latest since that time: if a game does not make fun more, you do not have to go to the end of the devil. This simply does not make sense! And yet I find myself again several times in the same lock. Doom, Watch Dogs 2 and Life is Strange 2 – all games that could inspire me at first – all games that I would remember much better if I had stopped them after half of the playing time.

Again and again comes to me while playing the thought: _ “That does not fun anymore. Why do not you stop and make the storage space free for a few other games? “ And again and again I start with it, as I’m thinking myself schön speech: ” That will definitely be even better, you’ll see! That’s just just a little trailer! Stay on the ball, the game certainly is not so long! “_

And while I sit here and fear to finally internalize this important player lesson, a small call to all who have to fight with the same problem: Do not let go of games that do not make you fun anymore – you If your time is not worth, point! Out there are tens of thousand other ingenious games waiting for you, which can not wait to escape from your pile of shame finally.


Our Pile of Shame makes us desperate us: Why do we really need these whole games?

Alexander Gehlsdorf

In the meantime, I try to ban Kingdom Come: Deliverance from my PC. But before I play again for a moment – maybe it packs me this time! That will definitely be even better, you will see…