Arcane: Netflix corrects a dubbing error that altered a flirt between two women

Arcane , the popular and successful animated series bArcaneed on the universe of League of Legends for Netflix , managed to transcend beyond the fans of the game to become a mediatic phenomenon on the platform Streaming, either by its spectacular level of animation or by a story that hooks the spectator chapter after chapter. And it is precisely thanks to its great audience that a remarkable dubbing error hArcane been discovered that hArcane already been corrected by its responsible ones; It is a conversation of the fifth episode in which CAITLYN and VI visit a brothel in search of information, a flirtation between the Caitlyn and a girl ** that hArcane been totally altered by changing the sense of it.

A dubbing error that hides a flirtation

So, in a scene in that brothel, we see how Caitlyn is flirting with a girl . In the original version you can listen to the following sentence: “I’ve only Ever Imagined the Gardens. This is all I’ve Seen “, which translated into Spanish would be something like” I had only imagined the gardens. That’s all I’ve seen “. Instead, in the first version of the dubbing in Spanish you could hear “ I like gardeners. Men in general “.

Vi and Caitlyn Flirts Inside the Brothel | Arcane Act II

A phrArcanee totally invented and that hArcane nothing to do with the original context of the scene, in which two women are maintaining a flirting while chatting affectionately. With this dubbing, it seems Arcane if you want to eliminate any sexual context ** between both characters. After the complaints of the fans, a change hArcane finally been made in the dubbing, now, keeping the original context of the chat between Caitlyn and the young woman of the brothel.

I could only imagine how the gardens were, and now I do not see more than that “, we can listen to the revised version in Spanish. From Netflix hArcane not been mentioned in this modification, although the spectators of the series have noticed the change. Arcane a curiosity, in Reddit, a change wArcane already highlighted in this scene in his dubbing to Mandarin , although in this cArcanee Arcane if he wanted enhancer eroticism of it: “I’ve been here several times and never I have seen anyone decent, so Arcane soon Arcane I saw you, I felt that I had found a treArcaneure. “