Expedition: Rome – a dream for detailed RPG

Attracts your Gladius and keep your pilum ready, because expedition: Rome leads you back to the time of antiquity. The newly published RPG quickly pulled me into his spell despite weaknesses. If your tactical battles and incredibly a lot of freedom of choice, it will go to you as well.

Expeditions: Rome - Review & Gameplay Overview ⚔ (New Roman RPG)

Expedition: Rome – a campaign throughout Europe

What do the deserts of Egypt, the coasts of the Mediterranean and the forests of Gallia? They belonged all once to the Roman Empire . Expedition: Rome not only visit these areas, but also conquer. However, the round-based RPG is particularly interesting if you can access the weapons themselves.

In its best moments, expedition: Rome easily compares with the XCom series. On a battlefield divided into HEXFELDER, you must help a Elite team from Legionäner for victory. It is important to use class capabilities at the right moment to use the environment and turn off the opponents in the correct order. What only sounds sound is wonderful complex and challenging . The enemies of Rome are armed to the teeth and the artificial intelligence leaves only a few mistakes on the mean difficulty level. If you want to convince yourself of the gameplay, you can take a look at this trailer:

Weapons, classes, armor: Antique battles are complex

A battle is in expedition: Rome already won half when you have prepared for you. Here is the RPG from its complex side. The four classes can carry different weapons and each have a skill tree, which is divided into three subclasses. In addition, the weapons again bring special skills . So it is considered to devote whether you prefer to take the dagger, which knows a little less damage, but can bring the opponent to bleed.

The weapons and armaments diversity can initially act overwhelming together with an upgrade system and the management of the Legion. After a few initial difficulties, it has made me a lot of fun, my legionaries as good as it just goes up . It is even better if this small-scale planning pays off in the battles and classes, weapons and abilities.

The bigger the battle, the boring

Expedition: Rome is not perfect. The game has another side, which makes up a not insignificant part of the game: the campaign with a Roman Legion. Unfortunately, here is not much to see about the draft of the tactical battles. The “battles” consist only of that your squeaks face the enemy square wheels and you should give them from time to time, but they must felt little impact on the result.

Something better then the conquest of the card works on which strategic resources need to be secured , however, there were some frustrating elements in which there was no duties for my elite team and I had to watch my legion as you moves through today’s Turkey and defeated squares.

Lockings are the big highlight

Moments like these are then forgotten again when one of the big sieges in expedition: Rome begins. These special missions that occur in the course of the main history feel like genuine battles . You have to divide your elite legionnaires into teams and assign different tasks. For example, TEAM 1 burns down the catapults of the defender, while Team 2 secures the city. The sieges can take some time, but if all legionnaires are still standing at the end, it feels all the more rewarding.

Overall, it is the tactical battles, the expedition: Rome to make exciting and incredibly motivating RPG experience. It’s easy to tune new skills and found weapons and combine the well-balanced classes . It is also easy for me to watch over the rather drugs campaign of my Legion.

Expedition: Rome makes you lead to the leader of a Roman Legion. However, the big battles occur in the round-based RPG behind the smaller battles , in which they have to combine the abilities of your elite legionaries.