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The Aston Martin Valhalla of James Bond will be the first hybrid of the Rocket League

Rocket League officially gets the Aston Martin Valhalla of James Bond of the blockbuster No Time to Die. Psyonix joined Aston Martin and Metro Goldwyn Mayer for bringing said hybrid vehicle to Rocket League on October 7, and will be available until October 13th.

Rocket League James Bond Aston Martin Valhalla Trailer
The Aston Martin Valhalla is not yet available in the real world, but the players of the Rocket League will be the first to try this last iteration of the emblematic car of James Bond on all the platforms, as part of the collaboration in Course with Bond 007.

This will be the first hybrid car to be available in Rocket League, and will be accessible to players who have 1,100 credits in the object shop. It will be launched alongside the Bond 007 collection, which will embody the Aston Martin Valhalla with the Aston Martin DB5, which is the classic iteration output during the summer. It will have a Reel Life decal, an audio engine Aston Martin Valhalla, as well as Aston Martin Valhalla wheels.

The good news for Rocket League fans is that they can get the new pack bond 007 collection, which includes the two emblematic cars of Aston Martin, for 2,000 combined credits. It’s a good deal for players who want to get both vehicles at a great price.

There will also be several challenges in the game that Rocket League players will be able to take up. Once successfully completed, players can obtain a reward on the theme of 007, which includes an Agent 007 avatar border, the Agent 00 player title, as well as the Aston Martin player banner.

In the real world, the Aston Martin Valhalla will enter its production phase in 2023 and will be sold $ 800,000. For now, however, those who want to experience the hybrid car by themselves – without having to pay so much real money – can do it on Rocket League from October 7th.