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“Yu-Gi-Ohmaster Master Duel” “Blue Eyes” will continue to evolve even with eternal Roman-Warrow, “strong! Invincible! Strongest!”

Konami Digital Entertainment released on January 19th, PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / STeam / Nintendose switch / smartphone “Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel” . If you return to Yu-Gi-Oh, if you return to Yu-Gi-Oh, if you are a card that will be touched for the first time, it will still be “Blue Eyes”.

“Blue Eyes White Dragon (Blue Eyes White Dragon)” is a representative monster used by Hama Seto at “Yu-Gi-Oh”, and the existence that symbolizes “Yu-Gi-Oh OCG” It is no exaggeration to say. There are many people who have heard the name “Blue Eyes” without knowing Yu-Gi-Oh!

“Blue Eyes” has continued to strengthen with the history of “Yu-Gi-Oh OCG”. If you throw yourself in the duel world after a long time, it may be surprising that “Blue Eyes is full!” In this article, I would like to introduce such a “Blue Eyes” theme.

“Blue Eyes” related cards are diverse, and the form of deck expansion is also different. In a word, I can not say “This is the strongest!” However, I think it will be one of the reference.

◆ In a way “Monster of the beginning”! “Blue Eyes White Dragon (Blue Eyes White Dragon)”

This house is “Blue Eyes White Dragon”. “Blue Eyes” was picked up at the beginning of the original and the first in the original. It may be said to be a monster beginning in a sense. In the flavor text, “its destructive power is not available”, and the attack power is 3000. This number is a kind of border line in “Yu-Gi-Oh OCG”.

“Blue Eyes” has made various evolution in the past history. There are also various types of card illustrations, but only this one type is now implemented in “Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel”. Let’s look forward to future events.

If it is a fan, I want to scream “Sacrifice God!” It is a reckless act of a first glance, but it is a reckless action, but if it is possible to avoid the avoidance from love and love, it is just the strongest as duelist.

# # # ◆ Lomann of single one pankir! “Blue Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon”

On April 23, 2016, appeared in the movie version “Yu-Gi-Oh King THE DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS”. “Yu-Gi-Oh OCG” was recorded in the “Theatrical Version Yu-Gi-Oh King THE DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS MOVIE PACK” released on the same day.

It is a ceremonial summons card, and it is not subject to the effect of the effect and not destroyed by the other party’s effect, and “ If this card attacks the defensive display monster, the fact that the defensive force has exceeded the fact power. Only the intense effect of “” is written. It will be great if you have great damage here. A defensive defensive display of 0 defensive display If you attack monsters, it is just a romantic destructive power that makes one turn kill alone.

# # # ◆ Sannigi Burst stream of fury! “The Ultimate Ryu of the Virgin Eye (Neo Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon)”

Three neck Blue Eyes, “Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon” also appeared in the original. I showed my overwhelming destructive power. “Neo Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon” is the strengthening version, and the fusion conditions are “Blue Eyes”. If you meet the conditions, you will be able to attack three consecutive sides of the three necked sides.

# # # ◆ Special Summonable “Alternative” – ​​”Blue Eye Ayakira Ryu (Blue Eyes Alternative White Dragon)”

The reason for the strength of the “Blue Eyes White Dragon” in the field and cemetery. You can use it as a blue eye in graveyard summoning, etc., and special summoning is also possible and can be said to be a blue eye adapted to the current environment.

Furthermore, it is also intense that you can destroy the opponent monster once every turn. This also appeared in the theater version “Yu-Gi-Oh King THE DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS”.

# # # ◆ Blue Eyes that appear in Signo Summon! “Blue Eyes Spirit Dragon (Blue Eyes Spirit Dragon)”

Blue Eyes that appear in synchro summons. Cemetery effect invalidation is sober. It is stuck in the undead family that activates the effect in the graveyard, such as “Golden Sir Erdorich”. Furthermore, since the “Blue Eyes” support card “ancient white stone” is a level 1 tuner monster, synchro summons can be collected along with the blue eye of stars.

# # # ◆ Fusion and ritual summons reliable allies-“The blue eye dragon of the shrine (deep of blue eyes)

Blue Eyes that bring a ritual magic card or “fusion” during special summoning. Furthermore, it is a very powerful support card that enhances the dragon monster of your own field.

Even if it is just a high attack power “Blue Eyes”, 1000 will bring 1000 attack power at a stretch, so it will be brought to the finish Move to decide the game.

◆ I will choose to the other party, but almost search card! “Bingo Machine GO! GO!”

One piece that searches for blue eyes related cards. “The other party is randomly chooses one by one from among them”, but if you put 3 cards in the deck, you can surely put the target card in your hand.

# # # ◆ A man who loves blue eyes! “The taste of the taste of justice Kaibeman”

The taste of justice that appeared in “Yu-Gi-Oh GX”. It is reminiscent of the President of the Hippo and is quite similar, but it is not a hippo president. He can release yourself and summon Blue Eyes from your hand, but unfortunately in the current environment.

In addition, “strong! Invincible! Strongest!” And “” This is “Cavernan” that remarked ““. By the way, “strong! Invincible! Strongest!” The “Blu Eyes” theme has been fulfilled.

Well, there are a large number of cards that will strengthen “Blue Eyes”, “true light” and “ancient white stone”, which could not be introduced other than introduced here. How about “Blue Eyes” theme but also mixing with other themes, combining general-purpose cards and making your own “Blue Eyes” deck?

Although “Master Duel” is not implemented (as of January 2022), “Yu-Gi-Oh OCG” has also been added to “Blu Eyes Jet Dragon” ** new cards. “Blue Eyes” theme that continues to be strengthened. Next, let’s wait for what kind of card comes.