Review of those who stay – a mouth of relevance

Last update there is June 4, 2020

Those who stay is a psychological horror game developed by Camel 101 and located in the sleeping city of Dormont, an apparently normal place to live. The story begins with Edward, the protagonist, deciding to break with the woman with whom he has a bond even though he goes to the motel to spend one last night with her. This quickly turns into a history of atmospheric horror when Edward receives a phone call telling him to stay in the light because when it is not the case, threatening shadow creatures will devour it.

I had hope for those who stay. I love a scary motel, to the point where I have already booked a motel and brought mysteries of murder in a motel to evoke the atmosphere that I appreciate so much. So, starting in a scary motel is exactly in my alley, and I found myself intrigued by the missing people and the mystery inherent in a phone call telling me to “stay in the light”.

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I personally found the really successful atmosphere. The first brand of a horror game should be: Does it be afraid? And yes, I was scared. To be honest, it’s not hard to scare me, but good, anyway. In the first minutes of the game, the suspense and the fantasy to have the dark figures at the edges of the light always looked at me so afraid that I dropped the volume and put an energetic playlist so that I can play without stopping the game every minute and a half minutes.

There is no fear of jump, so this fear came from good environmental narration in the first scenes of the game, as well as beautiful atmospheric touches and a dark and invasive soundtrack. Good start, then.

Unfortunately for me in particular, the motel is quickly left out. Unfortunately for all players, history is not up to its original promise. After a little while, my fear dissipated and I found myself bored by the events of the match. Those who remain quickly turned away from a history of Edward trying to find his disappeared lover and to safely go to the city to a series of explorations from different places, libraries to family homes through the police positions., which often have sudden transitions that seem to be made necessary by intrigue and are orchestrated by the magic of the plot.

A major element of the plot becomes Edward judging the crimes of others. Those who remain a few interesting questions about the morals of people who do terrible things for reasons of sympathy, but I have never really invested in them or in Edward’s reactions to them. Edward, although enough, never seemed to me more than another sad video game with a broken family. I also wondered, “Why did not Edward stay sitting in this brilliantly lit room until dawn?” enough times it was distracting. The incentive for him to continue did not seem strong enough. And the end of three that I obtained did not seem to argue all the efforts he had to do to get there.

I like exploration and puzzle games, and I did not find anything really flagrant in the game, but I did not see anything particularly noticeable either. The only gameplay feature I did not like much was when there was an enemy in the middle. Since Edward has no other control than walking, the inability to hide correctly from the enemy was agonizing in a lame… and finally not been a big problem. The biggest enemy, which is better described as a monster with lighthouses for a face, seemed more interested in his own feet than me. She still killed me many times, because sometimes I kissed too much to lead the good fight.

Overall, those who stay are very good. How are you. This is not terrible and does not deserve to be hateful or mocomed or something like that. Edward is a good protagonist, the strange atmosphere starts strong and takes place very well, and the gameplay is very good. I’m sure a lot of work has been devoted to this experience (I often say it, but I think), but unfortunately, there does not seem to be anything to protect this gaping game of the non- relevance.

I love the motel, though.

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