FC Schalke | Matchwinner Churlinov “knew that I have to do one”

Darko Churlinov was the acclaimed man of the evening at the important 2: 0 home win of FC Schalke 04 on Friday against the SC Paderborn. The rental player started as a right wing player, where the Gelsenkirchen last had great staff and triggered his job outstanding.

The NordMazedonian threw in the first place that his coach Dimitrios Grammozis had demanded by him: place of appeal and speed on the right exterior.

Churlinov was very busy and engaged on the unfamiliar right side from the beginning. In addition to his defensive tasks, he switched into the attack game and again as desired and also showed himself several times before the opponent goal.

In the middle of the second half, the 21-year-old initially welcomed a hundred percent, when he hit only the post after a strong preliminary work of Thomas Ouwejan from almost five meters.

“There is no excuse. I just have to put it in,” Churlinov gave way to understand after himself.

What he missed in the 62nd minute, Churlinov brought twelve minutes later with his second goal drawer to the 2-0 final score for the Gelsenkirchener: “I am strong enough in mind and had no doubts about the second chance. I knew that I knew me Making a make to make the guts “, the S04 player was quoted in the” West German General Zeitung “.

FC Schalke shortened to the table top

With its decisive goal for the royal blue crowned the actual left outside, with which he offered himself for the coming weeks. “I made my job very neat, I think,” Churlinov judged his performance on Friday evening.

Chef trainer Grammozis agreed after the game at “Sky” and emphasized the versatility of his assistant players on the right wing: “Darko is someone who gives us solutions in the offensive, even against deep opponents one-counter-one-duest wins. “

Die SCHUSSTECHNIK von Thomas Ouwejan | Train like a pro

Through the important home win against the Paderborner, the FC Schalke moved back to a counter to the lead guide FC St. Pauli at least for a few hours.