Frequently asked questions about Horizon Forbidden West – all your questions answered

Horizon Forbidden West is one of the flagship games of Sony for 2022. This continuation of the Superhits Horizon Zero Dawn is there, and fans of Aloy and her explanation, the robo dinos destroy can enjoy another epic action roleplay. In this FAQ Guide, we answer some frequently asked questions about Horizon Forbidden West, so you remain up to date on the game.

Horizon Forbidden West: What is it?

Horizon Forbidden West is a Action Roleplay developed by Guerilla Games. It is a direct continuation of Horizon Zero Dawn, which continues where history has stopped, and continues the adventures of Aloy in a landscape in the distant future. The series is known for its iconic protagonist and her journey of self-defining in a world dominated by machines – lifelike robots that resemble different animals from deer over birds to dinosaurs. In Horizon Forbidden West, they have to fight against these dangerous enemies as well as against human threats while exploring a sprawling and beautiful open world.

Horizon Forbidden West: What is the publication date?

The publication date of Horizon Forbidden West is 18. February 2022 . This is a global release date, and the game will be both digitally and physically available on the first day.

Horizon Forbidden West: Which platforms are it?

Horizon Forbidden West is available on both PS5 and PS4 .

Horizon Forbidden West: What are the differences between the PS5 and PS4 version?

The PS5 and PS4 versions of Horizon Forbidden West are mostlly the same game. You will play the same open world, history and missions regardless of the platform. However, the PS5 version will have some advantages over the last gene version. These include:

  • Additional graphic polish thanks to the superior performance of PS5
  • A selection of two visual modes, one focuses on performance (60 images per second) and the other stresses a higher resolution (full 4k) at a lower frame rate
  • Dramatically shortened loading times
  • Support for the various functions of dualsense such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers
  • 3D audio
  • Activity cards

Horizon Forbidden West FAQ - PS I Love You XOXO Ep. 107

Horizon Forbidden West: Is there a free upgrade from PS4 to PS5?

Yes, Sony has confirmed that Horizon Forbidden West buyers can request the PS5 version without additional costs for PS4.

Horizon Forbidden West: Does it support the transfer of stored data from PS4 to PS5?

Yes. Sony has said that all progress that you make in the PS4 version of Horizon Forbidden West can be transferred to the PS5 version. You do not have to start from scratch – you can continue there where you stopped.

Horizon Forbidden West: Is it on the PC?

Currently Horizon Forbidden West is available exclusively for PlayStation platforms and only available on PS5 and PS4. However, given the investments by Sony in PC ports of its older first-party games, we assume that Horizon Forbidden West will eventually migrate to the PC. Until so far, it will probably take a few more years.

Horizon Forbidden West: How much does it cost?

Horizon Forbidden West is a full price game available for the EIA of $ 69.99 / $ 69.99 on PS5 and $ 59.99 / $ 59.99 on PS4.

Horizon Forbidden West: Are there any pre-order bonuses?

If you pre-order Horizon Forbidden West in the PlayStation Store and participating dealers, you will receive some items in the game: the Nora Legacy Outfit and the Nora Legacy Spear. It is not known if these items offer gameplay advantages or are just cosmetic nature. They are unlocked via the story progress.

Horizon Forbidden West: Is there a Special Edition?

Yes. In fact, there are several ways to buy Horizon Forbidden West. Here are all different editions you can buy:

Horizon Forbidden West Standard Edition

This is the moor standard version of the game that contains the game itself and no longer.

Horizon Forbidden West Digital Deluxe Edition

The Digital Deluxe Edition contains access to the PS5 and PS4 version of the game as well as two special outfits and matching weapons, a resource package in the game, APEX CLAWSTRIDER MACHINE STRIKE PIECE (for use in universal mini-game strike), digital artbook and soundtrack, and the Sunhawk, a digital Graphic Novel.

Horizon Forbidden West Special Edition

This physical version of the game is delivered in a beautiful SteelBook case and contains the digital soundtrack and the mini-artbook.

Horizon Forbidden West Collector’s Edition

The Collector’s Edition contains all the advantages of digital deluxe edition and the Special Edition combined, plus some pretty tremortusk and aloy statues.

Horizon Forbidden West Regalla Edition

The Regalla Edition also includes all treats of Digital Deluxe and Special Edition, as well as a screen card, two art cards, two physical strike characters, a replica of Focus and Stand, as well as a special Regalla Tremortusk and Aloy Statue.

Horizon Forbidden West: What is the story?

The story of Horizon Forbidden West begins six months after the end of the first game. Aloy, who has now experienced the story of what happened to the world and how she fits in, see on a new threat. The country suffers from extreme weather conditions and a mysterious red rot, which threatens all life, and no one knows how to stop them. The red-haired heroine travels in the forbidden west, a new and dangerous place full of new threats, human and machine to try to stop another mass fat.

Horizon Forbidden West: Do you have to play Horizon Zero Dawn to understand the story?

We would definitely recommend that you play the first game as it finds a lot about Aloy and the world in which it lives. If you are able to help you to play Horizon Zero Dawn before you start Horizon Forbidden West.

If you have no time, you can always read our read Horizon Zero Dawn: Full Summary of History To get up to date. All in all, the continuation covers the most important points at the beginning with a brief summary, but please check the above summary of history for much more details.

Horizon Forbidden West: Where’s all over the world?

Like Horizon Zero Dawn also plays Horizon Forbidden West in a distant future version of the USA. As the name of the continuation already says, Aloy takes you on your way to the west to another part of the country. This means that we make our way to the remains of Utah, Nevada and California and make sure that Aloy will explore the ruins of San Francisco.

Horizon Zero Dawn found mainly in what we know as Colorado and Utah, with many real buildings and landmarks on the map, so we expect a similarly well-observed open world in Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West: Which new gameplay features are there?

The gameplay in Horizon Forbidden West seems to be largely the same as in the previous game, but of course there are a few new features and refinements in the continuation.

First, Aloys were seriously improved. They have much more opportunities when they lead their spear, especially against human enemies. These include the new Valor Surges – powerful special skills that build up while they move into the fight. There are also new combat objects and options, such as throwing adhesive grenades that slow down machines.

It seems that many of the new features of the game turn traversal. Aloy is equipped in the continuation with a glider and a companion with which they can drive from one area to another and can upgrade to new viewpoints. Another important change is Aloy’s improved swimming skills with which they can explore deep underwater areas.

We also know a universal board game called Machine Strike, which you can play in the larger settlements of the game. You can also upgrade aloys equipment and weapons to a workbench.

Horizon Forbidden West: Are there new machines?

Yes, there will be many new machines in the continuation to discover and fight. Some of them have already been revealed:

  • Sunshills: Pterodaktylus-like aircraft with wings made of solar panels
  • Tremortusk: A huge, heavily armored, mammothy beast
  • Sanding tooth: A large, snake-like machine, the poisonous poison prudishly
  • Rollerback: A fortunate-like machine rolling around with high speeds
  • Graves: Similar to the watchers of the first game, this is similar to an Otter and alerted other machines nearby
  • Bristle back: A foolish beast digging with big tusks after resources
  • Climbing jaw: Pavian-like machines that are very agile and attack in groups
  • Claws: These are similar to velociraptors and travel in parallels. If it is depressed, it is possible to take one and to use it as a riding
  • musselschnapper: This huge turtle-like machine is a combat unit with a huge protective tank and dangerous water attacks
  • Timeline: A water machine that resembles a pleziosaurier. Amphibious, which means that it can attack as far as underwater as underwater

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