All unlocked melee skills in Horizon Forbidden West

In Horizon Forbidden West, Elo has a large number of skills that it can unlock in six major skill trees. For players who want to dance near the machines, a melee skill tree is called Warrior . Although not all skills in this tree are exclusive for melee, there are all the skills specific to melee.

All Middle Skills in Wood Skills Wood

explosion resonator

The first skills of the melee players can unlock in the Woods of Warriors. Resonator Blast allows an eloel to charge his spear energy from its previous hand-to-hand attacks. Then she can untie their fully charged hard attack.

Destroyer blocks

Gives an eloel to break the block of its goal combo R1 + R1 + R2.

Nora Warrior

Gives Eloh Combo (R1 + R1 + R1 + R2) to bring down smaller opponents and hit the larger.

burst resonator +

The extended version of Resonator Blast, adding the last shot of a bow and arrows after the initial attack in the near battle to free up the energy stored in the target, from afar and apply 30% more damage.

Critical Strike +

Adds a 25% initial damage to attack critical strike.

Critical amplification

This is a special regime in which Elo can enter, in which, in a short period of time, its chance of a critical strike, damage from critical strike and damage from critical strikes will be increased.

  • Critical shock chance – + 35%
  • Critical damage – + 10%
  • damage from critical strike – + 75%

charged duration

Another passive strengthening that will force enemies to charge 30% longer than before.

Power Attack +

Power attacks made with the root R2 are applied by 20% more damage.

air strike

This skill consisting of two parts is based on archery and hand-to-hand combat. Half of the melee skill is an air strike. With the help of “air strike”, Elo will apply more damage when jumping immediately before attacking in the near battle.

Damage to the resonator

Passive skill, which causes 50% more damage when feeding the target.

Building resonator

Passive skill that allows players to charge their spear by 30% faster.

Middle Fight Detonator

This skill is a mixture of onion and a hand-to-hand attack. Elau produces a special discontinuous arrow, which is attached to the target for a short time. If an elo will complete a hand-to-hand attack on this purpose in the allotted time, it will explode.

Power Attack +

Power attacks are applied by 20% more damage.

Crescent Slash

This attack is a charged rapid attack. It can be used to bounce close to the enemy, break out of combo or connect with an enemy out of reach.

Damage in the Middle Battle

Increases damage from light and heavy hand-to-hand attacks by 30%.

Middle Fight Power

Attaches the power module to a pile of elo, forcing it to twice the usual damage in the near battle for a short period of time.

Critical Strike +

Critical strikes are applied additionally 25% damage.

burst resonator +

Deals 30% more damage with Resonator Blast.


A new combination (R1 + Pause + R1 + R1 + R1 + R1) of the melee blows, appreciating great damage.

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Rotating braid

Powerful combo attack with rotation (R1 + R1 + pause + R1 + R1), which causes great damage to all surrounding enemies.

Damage to the resonator

Passive skill, thanks to which Elo has 50% more damage when feeding the target.

Splash Energy

Powerful attack that quickly charges the spear of Elo. (R1 + R1 + R1 + Pause + R1)

charged duration

Charged targets from charged attacks remain charged by 30% longer.

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