LOL: The play in Aram with Amumu and Diana demonstrating the importance of launching a definitive good

League of Legends is a pretty competitive game in which many users are struggling day by day to improve their level and Increase land to get the best divisions viewed in the Riot Games title. Each day comes a new contender at the Challenger range while others crash into gold promotions to follow climbing in the ladder European . But there are others who simply want to enjoy the game and do not stop to suffer the hell of Soloq ** and prefer to participate in very fun and crazy games with the most entertaining modes within outside the sum of the invoker.

League of Legends Diana IN ARAM

This time we will speak specifically about Aram , a game mode that is always welcome on our crazy League of Legends nights thanks to enormous randomness and the numerous combinations that can occur in the abyss of laments. It is here when we talk about the next clip published by the Reddit “embarrass” user, which has achieved one of the best possible combos ** in the game and has caused a wave of positive voting in Reddit.

The combo comes from two champions that are extremely good in group fights: amumu , able to completely paralyze a team with just one skill, and diana , who his definitive one is able to attract to Many enemies and do an extremely painful damage in turn. Well, both champions coincided in an Aram, so the Show was served and next to a Support as Sona were unstoppable.

As you can see on the clip, Amumu was launched towards the enemy team to instantly use the definitive one and leave every1. It is here when Diana threw himself by them without thinking to gather the enemy team and burst the rivals from a definite team. As you can see, this type of combinations are always extremely good if they are used well and that in the Soloq games they can be extrapolated perfectly.