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Street Fighter 6 officially revealed with a new trailer

_ Street ride 6_ It has been officially revealed with a new trailer of the next great entry in the long series of fighting games. After the final launch of DLC for Street Fighter V, the team behind their development confirmed that they were now beginning to move towards the future. There was not a date not even a great mockery about what this future could mean, but the fans expected to be working on a possible sixth entrance. After the announcement of a revelation very soon, Capcom officially announced that Street Fighter 6 is already officially on the way!

_ Street ride 6_ Now it is confirmed that it is in development, but unfortunately there are very few details about what to expect. Capcom launched a trailer that coincided with the announcement and reveals a rate of appearance radically different from what was seen in Street Fighter V. The RYU that is seen here is not only represented in a much more solid and detailed way, but that inclusion What it seems to be that Luke emphasizes even more how much he has changed for this next entry. Check out the Street Fighter 6 Advance below:

Street Fighter 6 - Teaser Trailer

It is difficult to evaluate what this style change means, but along with the updated logo and a more realistic appearance, the title of this next entry has significantly abandoned the Roman number and instead it is titled Street Fighter 6 instead of “Street Fighter VI ». This could insinuate the new direction of the series (which would make sense given the slight grounding that is seen in luador street v), but fortunately it will not be long before we discover more, since Capcom has revealed that it will be more Information this summer.

_ Callejero_luador_ is the main franchise of Fight Games of Capcom, so surely there will be a lot of pressure on it to be successful, not only with curious casual players, but also with more dedicated players who take advantage of the main tournaments. But what do you think? How do you feel about teaser trailer from Sestreet Fighter 6? _ What do you think of the new look of the series so far? What do you expect to see in the next game in the _lejero-series? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even communicate with me directly about all animated things and other great things. @Valdezology on Twitter!