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Basic play free! Nintendo Switch (TM) for Ninja Gum Action Game “Ninjaara”, “Puzzle & Dragons” collaboration event is held! Lets celebrate “Pazdora” with the 10th anniversary “Ninjaara”!

Gunho Online Entertainment Co., Ltd., which performs planning, development, operation and delivery of online games, has notified the announcement of the latest information on the Nintendo Switch (TM).

Gunho Online Entertainment Co., Ltd., which performs planning, development, operation and delivery of online games, will announce the latest information on Nintendo Switch (TM).

# “Ninjala” also celebrates the 10th anniversary of “Pazdora”!

Collaboration events with “Puzzle & Dragons” revive!


Nintendo Switch (TM) ‘s Ninja Gum Action Game “Ninjaara”, collaboration event with Gunho’s “Puzzle & Dragons (Common, Pazdora)” is held for a limited time from February 24, 2012 (Thursday) I will.

“Puzzle & Dragons” has reached its 10th anniversary from February 20, 2022 (Sunday). In the game for smartphones, the 10th anniversary of the same title is the only title of domestic as of February 2022.

“Ninjala” celebrates the “Pazdora” 10th anniversary to revive “Pazdora” collaboration events.

Avatar items and Gamwatsu seminars can be lined with the lineup of the Shinobi shop during the event of the “Pazdora” monster.

When you buy some avatar items, you can get the music in the game of “Pazdora” as a benefit as BGM.

Wrap yourself in Monster Corde, set “Pazdora” music to BGM, and celebrate “Pazdora” with “Ninjaara”

# “Puzzle & Dragons” collaboration event overview

# # Ippon decoration

During the period, IPPON decoration “Puzzle & Dragons” can be obtained with a certain probability in the battle of the following menu.

· Battle immediately
· Ninja la battle
· Imadoki Battle

# # Collaboration item appeared in Shinobi Shop

Avatars and Gamwatsu seminars that can be a monster of “Pazdora” will be sold at Shinobi Shop.

· Red Dragon Susuma · Sonia Corde ※ (costume, headless accessories, accessories, hairstyle, BGM)

· Valkly Corde ※ (costume, headless accessories, hairstyle, BGM)

· House Hanzo Corde ※ (costume, headless accessories, BGM)

· Tragon Mask (Handma Accessories)

· Utusemi! Gacha Dora

※ Equipped with any item contained in Corde, other items of the same Corde will be special avatar items that are automatically equipped.

[Holding period]
February 24, 2022 (Thu) 11: 00-2022 (Thu) 10:59

Besides the “Pazdora” collaboration, the WNA Tour “Solo Cup (Solo)”, which can get high-price jala, with high prize on Sunday, February 27, 2022, will be held for 6 hours.

Please enjoy this together.

In addition, the latest information will be announced at any time.

Going forward, please look forward to Nintendo Switch (TM).

# “Ninjala”

“Ninjaara” is a match that uses “Ninja Gum” to run the high and difference stages vertically and horizontally, and it is a match that can experience a vangational vanity 3D action battle with diverse weapons.

Download and up to eight battle royals and a 4-to-4 team battle can be enjoyed by Nintendo Switch Online.

# “Ninjaara” Basic Information

Title: Ninjaara Ninjala Game Card Package Genre: Fight Ninjam Action Compatible Model: Nintendo Switch (TM) Release Date: June 25, 2020 (Thu) 2020 July 22nd (Wed) Player: 1 to 8 People (Online: 2 to 8) (On-8-) Price: Basic Play Free 3,980 yen (tax included) ※ 1 There is a part-filled content. ※ This work can be enjoyed by Nintendo Switch Online and you can enjoy the online match. CERO Categories: A-Free Languages: English, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional / Simplified), Korean Site: https: // / Release source: Gunho · Online Entertainment Copyright Copyright Notation: (C) GUNGHO ONLINE ENTERTAINMENT, INC. ※ The above [basic information] is information of domestic service. ※ In-game images are under development. It may change without notice. ※ Company name, logo mark, product name and service name are trademark or registered trademark. ※ Nintendo Switch logo · Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo. ※ The contents of the listed is the present date. It may then be changed without notice. ※ Each information can cause changes in the future due to the effects of new coronaviruses.