LOL: LS will not return as a coach after the CLOUD9 case

Will LS Coach Another Team After Cloud9?
One of the most unexpected news of the month was the dismissal of Nick “LS” of Cesare as a coach of cloud9 in League of Legends. The North American returned to technical work after a couple of years. The last team was BBQ Olivers in the Southern Korea Minor Division, but it lasted a lot. With the arrival of him at LCS, there was a possibility that he could show the unusual knowledge and compositions of him.

Cloud9 offered general details behind the dismissal of him, mentioning that there was no agreement between the methods of LS and home-made systems . The situation was gradually climbing until it was necessary to take letters in the matter, ending the head coach contract on February 19. However, the news was suddenly published at the hours of meeting against Counter Logic Gaming. Officially, LS ceased to be part of the cloud on Saturday afternoon. Max Waldo took the head coach baton.

Days after what happened, within the framework of the first day of the six week of the LCK, LS offered details of the future of it. When asked if he would return as a coach, he was honest. “ I do not think it’s a coach officially again . It is not worth it anymore, it is not worth it for everything that comes behind it, “he said in his transmission on Twitch. He did not elaborate more about it, he lived with the American club, but he did dedicated a few seconds to talk about the results.

LS qualifies what was done in cloud9 as a success, especially because he worked with a few days. Even with the visa situation and the late arrival of him to the LCS, he reapped three victories and a single defeat. He initiated conversations for his first groups of champions, with Ivern in the central lane and Soraka to defend the shooter. LS emphasizes that it is particularly a success story because it was achieved despite the forecasts of many.

The LCS will return this Friday with three dates of matches. The League of Legends team of Cloud9 must keep the step if you want to get into the eliminations.