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Oculus founder, “Sword Art Online is realized”

Palmer Luckey, Oculus, “Folmer Luckey,” Sword Art Online ‘Full 3D’ can be realized in the future, “said Metabus, and his thoughts on the current VR market.

Palmer Lucky has been invited to the online events’ Sword Art Online – X Chronicle – Online Edition (Croenkle X-Chronicle), which is held since the last 22th. He is a person who established the “Ann Duryl Industries”, a defense system developing a defense system that utilizes the latest technology after retiring in 2021 and retiring in 2017.

The Palmer Lucky, who was invited to the event, reveals his views on the metabus keyword. He defined the meta bus to “people live, work together, playing with others, as well as a parallel space that can do anything without constraints in reality.” It is another sight that the game mistributions such as Kuta Ken, CEO, “PS Father”, Nintendo CEO, CEO of ‘PS’ CEO, Gave New Well, and Gave Newwell, which are CEO, and Gave Newwell, a valve.

Palmer Lucky said, “The full-line VR experience of the full-line VR, which is drawn in” Japan’s Light Nobel “Sword Art Online, would be able to fully realize it. The VR of the VR, which appears on the work, is the brain-computer interface It is a realistic way to use a tactile to the player to deliver a tactile to the player, and it was able to implement the ‘bias’ in a way that uses the optical projector to send the visual data directly to the user’s eyes. Actually, Palmer Lucky is in January, his SNS “If you can exceed the current limitation, we will have power to develop your gears. I promise “I posted the contents of the article.

Meanwhile, the Pediatric X chronicle is an experiential online exhibition event that Sony is hosted by Sony in the sense to see the history of ‘Sword Art Online’. In Korea, it will be held for about three weeks from 22nd to March 11.