UEFA Youth League: Manchester United vs. BVB today in the live ticker

The only German representative is the BVB in the second round of the UEFA Youth League. Here you can follow the game against the Manchester United in the live ticker.

BVB vs. Manchester United in the UEFA Youth League today Live: Secure Dazn subscription now.

In the second round of the UEFA Youth League, the U19 of BVB is guests at the U19 of Manchester United. With our live ticker you miss nothing.

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62. | Change to BVB: striker EL-Zein for striker Rijkhoff. The latter had a good scene, otherwise he was logged out.

60. | United Captain Hannibal Mejbri, who is actually called Hannibal, is a real eye-catcher. Extremely ball-safe, great overview, indicates the clock. No wonder he has completed 19 eleven international matches for Tunisia. Among other things at Africa Cup.

57. | Yellow card for McNeill to Foul on Dortmund goalkeeper Ostrzinski.

55. | Mejbri with a sugar pass for Garnacho who turns the ball with right long corner in the penalty area, but he was offside. The referee has seen it and did not give the gate.

53. | The hosts increase the pace again. Fernandez, Garacho and Shoretire are everywhere and very ball-safe. Dortmund has problems to get this trio under control.

50. | Mejbri on the other side after Fernandez-Pass in the penalty area, good left-hand shot, but over it.

49. | Huge chance for Dortmund! The new man, Bamba, is through for Semic, which was engaged in the penalty area. Free firing track, but Semic targets a meter over the gate.

46. | Double change at BVB: Bamba for small-sweet and cisse for roll.

46. | Continue in Manchester.

UEFA YOUTH LEAGUE: Manchester United vs. BVB today in the Liveticker – Start 2nd half!

Halftime: Dortmund has started well, deserves the leadership, but then Manchester United has played his whole class, not only achieved the compensation, but the whole game torn to himself. Gardnacho is an asset post, Shoretire and Fernadez are also dangerous. The BVB has to increase two through two, otherwise it will be dangerous.

UEFA YOUTH League: Manchester United vs. BVB today in the LiveTicker – Pause!

45. | Halftime in Manchester!

44. | The ball fiddles in the net of the Dortmund, but offside. Garnacho met.

41. | Shoretire with the Verstecker for Garacho in the penalty area, but Ostrzinski is there. First of all, inlet for the foremen, which are somewhat sleepy-subled.

38. | You do not always have to combine. Gardnacho from about 30 meters with the right foot just kept on it. Good shot, but no problem for Ostrzinski.

36. | Rijkhoff is in the penalty area, but is Mutterseelen allone and then comes in the penalty area, surrounded by four United players. No penalty. Proper decision of referee Kaspar Sjöberg from Sweden.

33. | The pace is something out now, the 1: 1 after half an hour is fine. Dortmund is looking for the counterattack, Manchester United looks physically but something more present.

28. | Yellow card for Walz (Dortmund) to Foul on Mejbri.

27. | Almost the lead for United! Fernandez dances on the left side, the ball in the middle of the Shoretire, which can rely on the ball in peace, but then shoot the ball over the gate from six meters.

24. | That did not defend the Dortmund well: Fernandez is free on the left in the field of gravity, puts through to McNeill, which paralyzes the defense of the Dortmund with one, two movements and shoots into the long corner.

Manchester United U19 vs Borussia Dortmund U19 2-2 PEN [1-3] Highlights | UEFA Youth League 2022

23. | Tooooor! 1: 1! Scorer: McNeill

20. | This Lion Semic is already a real weapon for the BVB: The right-back is always with a huge tempo.

17. | Great counterpart of BVB to Eckball United over three stations. Semic is brutally fast on the move in the center, lays down to the left for Bynoe Gittens, who fell into the penalty area and passed the ball to Vitek.

16. | TOOOOOOOR! 1: 0 for Dortmund! Goal Scorer: Bynoe Gittens

12. | Lütke-Frie with the corner from the right side. On the first post lurks Collins again, but Jurado clarifies. The corner afterwards comes sharply, but the referee whistles offensivefoul while the ball is in the air.

8th. | Dortmund gives the sound here in the initial phase. The guys from Mike Tullberg have more of the game.

3. | The first chance for the BVB! After a great free-kick flank from the right half-field, the entranced Collins with the head on the short post is on the spot, but Vitek clarifies in follow-up.

2. | After twelve seconds the first corner for the hosts, but no danger.

1. | Just sounds the kick-off, United stops!

UEFA YOUTH League: Manchester United vs. BVB today in the live ticker – before starting

Before starting: Both teams are now on the square. The United players still with the compulsory Kniefall. Again and again strong gesture.

Before starting: It was speculated about whether Yousoufa Moukoko did not help with the U19 for the duels against Machest estern, but the young professional is not in the squad of the Dortmund.

Before starting: The statements are here:

Manchester: Vitek – Jurado, Fish, Bennett, Fernandez – IQBal, Savage, Mejbri – Shoretire, McNeill, Garacho

Dortmund: Ostrzinski – Semich, Collins, Small-Bekel, Coulibaly – Walz, Lütke-Frie, Rothe – Gürpüz, Rijkhoff, Bynoe Gits

Before starting: The BVB has completed the group in second place, which is why the team of coach Mike Tullberg had to go to the playoffs. In a wrong beat exchange, the BVB won 5: 3 and moved into the secondary final.

Before starting: is played the secondary finale in Manchester. More specifically, Leigh Sports Village Stadium. Sticking is today at 21 o’clock.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the Liveticker of the UEFA-Youth League lot between the BVB and Manchester United.

UEFA YOUTH League: Manchester United vs. BVB today live on TV and Livestream

You can see the whole game today on Dazn . The streaming service shows the encounter from 21 clock in the LiveStream.

Here it goes to Dazn, which in addition to the Youth League also selected lots of the Champions League in the program.

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UEFA YOUTH LEAGUE: The eighth finale at a glance

Date Stick Team 1 Team 2
Tuesday, March 1, 2022 6:00 pm Paris Saint-Germain FC Seville
Tuesday, March 1, 2022 21.00 Manchester United Borussia Dortmund
Wednesday, March 2, 2022 2 pm AZ Alkmaar Juventus Turin
Wednesday, March 2, 2022 2 pm FC Midtjylland Benfica Lisbon
Wednesday, March 2, 2022 3pm FC Liverpool Krc Genk
Wednesday, March 2, 2022 4pm Dynamo Kyiv Sporting Lisbon
Wednesday, March 2, 2022 4.30 pm MSK Zilina Red Bull Salzburg
Wednesday, March 2, 2022 21.00 Real Madrid Atletico Madrid