EA Sports will eliminate Russian FIFA teams 22

EA Sports to remove Russian national team and clubs from Fifa 22
EA Sports announced that they have begun with “the process to remove the Russian national team and all Russian clubs” of _ FIFA 22. Obviously, this due to the continuous invasion of Ukraine by Russia , and EA Sports has declared that “they are sympathized with the Ukrainian people.” FIFA and UEFA, The two main organs responsible for professional football in Europe and other parts of the world, confirmed that they will be suspending all Russian teams to participate in any type of tournament, and EA Sports * * Think about going on with this same line but in FIFA 22. ** At the time of writing, the details about the elimination of Russian FIFA 22 teams are not entirely clear. We assume that the clubs will simply disappear from the game, and they will possibly be replaced by other nations in offline modes that include European tournaments, such as the Champions League.