Valve makes fun of several new games

In case you have lost it, along with the launch of the portable Steam Deck, Valve also launched a new free video game, opening desktop work. That said, it is worth it, it does not describe it as a video game but as a “free playable” aimed at showing the characteristics and controls of Steam Deck. However, a new interview reveals that Valve is working hard on several video games.

As part of a broader interview on the new Steam Deckdijo the designer of Valve Greg Coomer axios there are several games that the company is currently developing, but that is all he said about it. “There are several developing games at this time in Valve,” said Coomer, “and I think they are quite exciting.”

The brief note on the development of multiple video games may not seem much, but Valve is notoriously private about what is closed behind. The last video game that launched the company was Vida Media: Alyx in 2020, which was only for virtual reality helmets, while the last widely available title was not an independent version of an existing game mode was the 2018 artefact, He stopped developed completely last year after a bad reception at the launch. In summary, it has been a long time since Valve made a truly new videogame and threw it.


And it is clear that Valve knows the public perception of all this by the desk description of opening_. «Reduce your expectations: this is not a portal sequel,” says the official description partly. “Now get ready to raise them a little, because it is in the expanded universe of those games. Desk Job places you full in the driver’s seat in Aperture Science. Then quickly remove the driving part and add a desk facing the seat. “

As noted above, Valve recently launched a “short and free” video game called “opening desktop work, set in the universe of the portal franchise. Steam Deck also launched its initial batch of orders and is still available for $ 399 to $ 529 to $ 649, according to the exact model, although orders are not expected to be sent until within a while.

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