How to get part of the armor knight in Lost Ark

The folyan adventurer in Lost Ark contains a collective object called part of the knight armor. You can often find this item to collect on the northern continent of Verne, where it appears randomly from time to time.

A Knight in Shining Armor Lost Ark Location

Where is part of the knight armor in Verne North?

Alpha Monsters are more likely to leave the knight’s armor. Going straight to special monsters, you can increase your chances to find a knight armor.

You can earn collective objects in various ways. Since monsters resell them randomly, old good farming and good luck, in fact, the only ways to earn it. The collective object looks like a mustache, so players can easily accept it for equipment.

You should attribute it to a secluded, safe place if you plan to include it in the book of an adventurist. * As a rule, the best option * Castle Verne Since he has no enemies.

Open your inventory by clicking on I key, and then right-click on part of the Knight’s armor . The folyan adventurist will inform you when part of the armor will be added from the collection of the knights.

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