Far Test: Changing Tides – Happy Who As Ulysses

Ohé, Ohé, abandoned captain

If it is not necessary to have played Lone Sails to appreciate this new title, it is advisable, however, to take advantage of the few references that we meet on the way. In any case, it is a brand new character we embody here and, if the elder proposed arid expanses after the seas were drying up, we are now confronted with the oceans who covered the land.

The heart of the recipe, however, remains the same: a man alone and isolated embark in a strange gear that he must drive himself. He then launches in a great trip to his goal, straight direction all through a post-apocalyptic world. Its path is regularly blocked by antique facilities that must be visited to discover how to free the way.

The narration is also the same Acabit: fully environmental, the only lines of text you see are those that explain how to direct the character. As for how to maneuver the vehicle or how to manipulate the different puzzles, it must be discovered by experimentation.

The artistic direction is still in the same vein; And it’s no worse, both the style and the lights were already a success on the original. The progression is accompanied by atmosphere noises sometimes highlighted by pleasant melodies (played by real instruments, to the point of hearing sometimes the breath of the flutist). The magic of the set always operates.

FAR Changing Tides - první hodina ze hry ve 4K!

It’s a famous one mast, end like a manate

Same formula, yes, but its application is very different. Our faithful machine is a proud and large rafiot and large areas of water offer unpublished dangers and decorations.

At first, it is necessary to progress only to the sail. Its handling is via a lever and it must be adjusted to make the wind better. The flag that beats against the mast still points out if the conditions are favorable, but it also serves as an indicator on our pace and the direction of the alizats. Cross the seas and break the waves proves nice; It would not miss a fan and an iodinated water fogger to complete the atmosphere.

As our odyssey, there are also various modules that complement the possibilities. And, as soon as we have access to the machine room, we start jumping in every way to handle the speed, the boiler (more energy engine, we are here back to the steam engine), L Fuel supply and many other settings I let you discover. Everything is even equipped with a sonar that warns you if there are resources that hang nearby. The installation is pretty well done and everything is done to avoid tedious round trip as one could live in the previous episode. Oh, I preferred maybe the big red buttons on the other; But it’s about the order of detail.

The character himself is offered new capabilities: marine environment obliges, he is able to swim and dive into depths. Another revolution, he knows up to the scales! Do not laugh, his predecessor was confined to elevators and stairs.

Me, the sea, she took me. I’m looking for a Tuesday.

The FAR series is essentially narrative. If it is a rapture to be carried out by the trips it provides, you must also know that the difficulty is very low. The different puzzles are varied, but hardly complicated. We can worry about the first surroundings of failing fuel for our progression, but they are in abundance on the journey and we finish quickly with the bunkers that overflow. Our character is also very robust: he has no problem to stay long under the water, even before getting his bill, and he is surprisingly resistant to dizzying falls. Everything is really done to enjoy serenely from the experience.

A discovery look lasts about five hours. It’s a little longer than Lone Sails, but some sections can sometimes be unnecessarily long. Large maritime spaces offer a welcome environment change, but they also have a little more trouble varying the sets. However, the game also arrives to offer moments of grace: a storm sky, a starry night, the dusk colors, a majestic presence…

A second run can be envisaged: some sections can be visited from another point of view. But beware, it will not change the purpose of adventure; This is only a way to contemplate other sets. It is on the side of the trophy hunt that we will find what is closest to a challenge, including the goal of losing a crossing in less than 210 minutes.

* FAR: Changing Tides * managed to reproduce the magic of his predecessor while bringing a lot of novelties. The craft is a pleasure to fly and the universe pleasant to discover. If you like narrative experiences and accept its light difficulty, you will have the opportunity to do there a nice voyage. _Test made on PC by negograprter from a version provided by the publisher.