Ski Alpin: Giant Lawom of the ladies in Lenzerheide now in the live ticker

For the second and last time in this World Cup season, the ladies of the ski alpine world in the Swiss ski area Lenzerheide are required. Here’s the giant slalom race in the live ticker.

Giant Slalom of the ladies in Lenzerheide – the stand in the 1st passage





time / residue

1 | Sara Hector | 1: 01.11
2 | Mikaela Shifrin | \ + 0.11

FIS Alpine Ski World Cup - Women's Giant Slalom (Run 1) - Lenzerheide SUI - 2022
3 | Tessa Worley | \ + 0.16
4 | Meta Hrovat | \ + 0.75
5 | Federica Brignone | \ + 1.00

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Ski Alpin: Giant Lalom of the ladies in Lenzerheide now in the live ticker

Katharina Liensberger (AUT): With Katharina Liensberger follows the next Austrian. She has bigger problems with the demanding route, especially in the steep slope, she lies a lot. Square now jumps out for you.

Katharina Troupe (AUT): Katharina Troupe brings itself to a decent position for the second round. Despite greater loss of time in the middle part, it takes up six in the end.

Meta Hrovat (SLO): Meta Hrovat makes your thing very neat and picks up time at the bottom! She takes place fourth.

Ramona Siebenhofer (AUT): The Austrian chooses a cathedral line, it loses a lot of time especially in the middle part. About two seconds behind you run rank seven.

ALICE ROBINSON (NZL): Alice Robinson is very brave and exaggerates something, it leaves against the end of the steep slope.

Michelle Gisin (Sui): Michelle Gisin is not quite satisfied with her ride after her trip, but at the same time facilitates her run. With 1.32 seconds behind it takes over five.

RAGNHild Mowinckel (NOR): The Norwegian is fast back over eight tenths, even afterwards it does not remain flawless. Rank five results for you.

Maryna Gasienica Daniel (pole): The Polin also has big problems in the steep slope, but stops on the ski and does not leave! Nevertheless, it must accept great time losses, significant 2.24 seconds she lies back in the target. That will probably be closely related to the second run.

SARA HECTOR (SWE): The Olympic Champion in Giant Lalom confirms its great shape from the start and takes shifrin almost three tenths after the first meantime! Thereafter, she loses something to the ground to return time towards the end of the middle part. In the finish she has a cushion of eleven hundredths on Shifrin and thus takes the lead.

Marta Bassino (ITA): Marta Bassino is leaving in the difficult steep slope! The Italian slips past the goal, the race is coming to her early.

Tessa Worley (FRA): The Frenchwoman caught a very good run and leads to the third time measurement with two tenths. At the bottom, Shifrin was unlikely to travel very quickly, here Worley can not quite keep up. Five hundreds of hundredth is the Frenchwoman in the finish.

FEDERICA Brignone (ITA): The Italian brings her ride safely down, but at the one or the other place lies a lot of time. In the goal, the residue on Shifrin has summed up to 0.89 seconds, which is already a decent mortgage.

Petra Vlhova (SVK): The Slovak is lying in the lead after the first meantime with five hundreds of hundredt, but at the beginning of the middle part, Petra Vlhova loses the balance, tilts to the left in the snow and is leaving!

Mikaela Shifrin (USA): Da Lara Gut-Behrami does not go to the start today, Mikaela Shifrin opens the Giant Slalom. In bright sunshine, the US-American crashes down the slope and chooses a usual narrow line around the gates. What is your time from 1: 01.22 minutes worth?

Ski Alpin: Riesenslalom of the ladies in Lenzerheide now in Liveticker – Start 1. Passage

Before starting: To the first ÖSV driver, it takes a bit, then with Ramona Siebenhofer (12th), ten-placed the giant slalom discipline rating, Katharina Troupe (14th) and Katharina Liensberger (15th) three Austrians within less Minutes in the first round on the series. Stephanie Brunner follows the 24th runner, Ricarda Haaser carries the start number 26. Franziska Gritsch (38.), Elisabeth Kappaurer (41.), Katharina Huber (46.) and Nina Astner (49th) are at a later course of the first run required. The ÖSV bid thus consists of nine starters.

Before starting: The Swiss Ski Team, on the other hand, sends ten drivers into the race. Lara Good Behrami, yesterday’s third in the Super G, opens the first run with the start number 1. Michelle Gisin follows as a tenth starter, Wendy Holdener is the 16th driver in turn. Camille Rast (22nd starter), Andrea Eilenberger (27.) and Simone Wild (30th) are also found among the first 30 starters. In the further course of the first passing with Vivianne Härri (43), Vanessa Kasper (45.), Jasmina Suter (51) and Priska Nufer (54th), who won one of the two departures in Crans Montana a week ago, more Swiss runners.

Before starting: While in yesterday’s super G with Kira Weidle was represented by a German driver, today’s giant slalom takes place without DSV participation.

Before starting: With a success in today’s event, the Swedish Sara Hector could make a big step closer to the goal of the overall victory in the giant slalom discipline rating. In this respect, their two competitors Tessa Worley from France and Mikaela Shifrin from the USA did not land among the first ten places, the 29-year-old can even clear the overall victory.

Before starting: **** As a venue, the Swiss ski area Lenzerheide serves. Let’s go at point 10 o’clock.

Before starting: **** Hello and welcome to the Livesticker of the Giant Lalom race of the ladies.

Ski Alpin: Giant Lawom of the ladies in Lenzerheide today in Liveticker – Transfer to TV and Livestream

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Ski Alpin: Giant Lawom of the ladies in Lenzerheide today in the LiveTicker – the World Cup Longer in the discipline rating

Rank Name Points
1 Sara Hector (SWE) 462
2 Tessa Worley (FRA) 367
3 Mikaela Shifrin (USA) 361
4 Petra Vlhova (SWK) 331
5 Marta Bassino (ITA) 196