What should I do with a tournament champion?

In Lost Ark, the player must win a lot of duels to complete the plot line of the Alinai continent. After completion, the player will receive a tournament champion tablet, and he will not tell him what to do with it.

Despite the fact that Lost ARK will not give you any information about the tournament champion plate, it is recommended to store it in the repository, because you never know what could be in the future. In future updates, Lost Ark can be added new high-level items or equipment for the manufacture of which the plates of the tournament champion will be required. Perhaps there will be quests, for the execution of which the plates of tournament champions will be required.

There are almost no discussions on the Internet what to do with a tournament plaque that you purchased while traveling by Lost Ark. Sellers of the game rate it in 30,000 silver, so you can always sell it to them.

What Is Tournament Champion's Plate Used For In Lost Ark? - A Short Guide

On the other hand, you should note and keep in mind that the tournament champion plate does not appear with a golden bag symbol when you check it in your inventory. This means that you must exchange for money not just junk seller.

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