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The game industry block body is more accelerated. It is difficult to feel so it is difficult to feel, but it is a blocker to create a block chain, such as issuing coins to be used as a functional currency since the platform. Among them, the more fierce part is ‘on-board competition’ that secures competitive games to store on the platform. To make its platform as much as possible, we are doing a total of global games and partners to attract.

The reason why the game, which started the P2E and NFT business, is compressed into one reason for raising heat to on-boarding. The revenue from P2E will eventually come from the NFT item and trading fee created by users. In other words, more users create NFT items, and the more efficient transactions of users, the more unparalleled. In the end, in the end, P2E also holds a lot of games and popular games, so that it is necessary to ensure that a high yield is guaranteed in the long run.

It is currently a total of five places that are currently operating or operating a block chain platform in the domestic game industry. When each company says that it is said that the game plane that he said to service on its platform, it is possible to see that there is a difference in different strategies for each company in its inclination and approach. Let’s take a look at what each company participates in an onboard competition.

More games for global entry, Wemade

The on-boarding strategy of the wemade that has been shown so far can be compressed in two greatly. One is a multi-daesy (多 善). In fact, the WMADID is overwhelmingly entering a platform-based platform, which is a lot of games. There are very much partnerships that are currently exposed to Joy City, Em Games, Blue Potion Games, Storm Games, Valrophs, IMC Games, Red Fox Games, Angel Games, Aien Games, Rockswear, Light Control, Supercat. As the leading representative of Jang Hyun Buk, Jang Hyun, the cooperative and the game will continue to increase as a result, as they say that they will increase the game in the top of the year.

Another feature is that there are many games aimed at overseas. Joey City’s’ Essential Municipal: Total Warfare ‘, such as a strategy game, such as TCG, such as TCG, such as TCG, such as TCG, such as TCG, such as TCG, and MMORPG’ Hero Online ‘or’ Icarus Online Most games that have accumulated awareness of awareness from overseas. It is also presumed to maintain such a keynote because there is only a possibility of developing a business in P2E and NFT conditions that are impossible to domestic services.

New and existing work, which utilizes proven IP, Com2us

Platform C2X, a block chain of Com2us affiliates, is somewhat different. There is a great base for entering many games, but basically, its proven IP is top priority. From the beginning of the first C2X, I would like to enter MMORPG ‘Summer Numbers: Chronicle’ based on its representative IP Summers Warri, and Mobile MMORPG World of Corporation Genoia is also joined to C2X. It is a work that utilizes a familiar IP that is also accustomed to the “Colossus M Jingdie”.

It is released in the past, and the number of games that have been tested for long-term service and stability is visible to C2X. First of all, Daejeon game utilizing Summer Nourning IP: It is a Myeonggwang Action RPG Creata, Com2u Golf Game ‘Golf Star’, Fishing God: It is not new, such as Crew, but basically it is mainly entering a little name game. Since the P2E market is not a sector that is not clearly validated by the P2E market, it seems that the stability of the service is to take on the stability of the service.

Netmarble to launch its own popular IP

Netmarble approaches more conservative than Com2s. In the first place, I participated in the competition of the platform, which was a little later than others, and the platform and coin launch have been launched as much as it is as late as it was late as it was late. The 5th NTP held on the 27th of last month, “A3: Steel All Laurice”, ‘The 2nd country’ and ‘All Marvel’ and ‘Monsters’ and ‘All’, and ‘Monsters’ and ‘All’, As you can see, you can see all of your current Netmarble IP and a boxing.

Another major keynote is a Tour Track Strategy. Netmarble, as well as a subsidiary Netmarble Fen, is to operate platforms and coins independently. In addition to its own IP, the platform operated by Netmarble Fe NC also will be in addition to its own IP, and furthermore, more than a webtun, web novel, and a movie, etc. If Netmarble deploys a business that is a block chain centered on its popular IP, Netmarble Ephin is the direction of providing multiple content, including games, centered on block chain.

Games as well as games as well as webtoons and novels, Cacao Games

Cacao Games wrote a blockchain ecosystem through the subsidiary metabura. The feature of the Bora platform is that onboarding content is not limited to the game. The main partners are the game developer. As well as subsidiaries such as X defects, Friends Games, as well as a major partner such as Neptune, the company also includes a partner company. However, entertainment and content manufacturers such as collapse Asiana, sandboxes, and cacao enterprises are not available. As a result, it is the ultimate goal of metabura to add multiple content, such as webtoons and web novels, and adding stability.

While booting yet, Neowiz

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Neowiz holds a professional subsidiary of the block chain, and has been entering the game on the platform ‘Neopin’ where it is produced here. However, except for its game ‘Crypto Golf Impact’, it is not yet involved in the competition that is not actively involved in on-board competition, but the direction is not clear.