Elden Ring: Where it goes after defeating the fire giant

After the stained stained outstretched the story boss on the mountain portions of the giants, it seems almost as if everything was over. That’s not the case. There is more card to explore. So, after defeating the fire giant in Elden Ring, go on here.

Where to go after you have defeated the fire giant in Elden Ring

There is a section that opens northwest of the arena to which you can travel. It’s called the forge of giants. Be careful not to fall down in this extremely high area. Here you will find a place of grace that gives you the opportunity to talk to Melina. She will ask you if you are ready to commit death sin.

If you say “I’m ready”, you will get to the next part of the game. No say will not exclude you from anything. If you say that you are ready, you will be teleported into an area where you would have gotten a quick look when you have teleported from The Four Belfries.

You will cross an area that is completely separated from the rest of the Lands Between. If you come here, be prepared to fight for enemies, which are still harder than at that time in Leyndell or the mountain peaks of the giants. In order not to get into heavy spoilers, one of the harder bosses in the game resides here, so bring their best skills and make sure your build is up to date.

Before you indulge in this dead sin, you should look at the loot of your last fight against the fire giant. His memory has a pretty strong whip, which can distinguish himself against enemies that are weak against impact and fire damage.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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