Mainz application for game laying: Irritations on both sides

Around four hours, the drive from Mainz to Augsburg takes only a few seconds to build a telephone connection between the two cities. But around the theme of a game laying, radio stylish prevailed in recent days. “We have been informed for the first time this morning that Mainz 05 filed an application for game laying with DFL,” explained FCA Managing Director Stefan Reuter the game.

The Mainz Sports Management Christian Heidel shows itself amazed: “Stefan Reuter was personally informed of me in a 15-minute telephone call that we will submit an application for game shift. The arguments presented by him are interesting, but have with our request whose content He does not know anything to do. Of course, we understand that the FC Augsburg, especially under these circumstances, wishes a turn out of the game. “

You have “not the necessary number of operational and tolerant players are available,” it says in the message of the Rheinhessen. For the background: According to the DFL gaming order, at least 16 members of the license and / or license team to be amateur amateurs / contract players must be available. These 16 actors must include at least nine license players, including a goalkeeper. The nine license players would probably get together Mainz, the goalkeeper is the jumping point. According to the FSV, the trio is about Robin Zentner, Finn Dahmen and Lasse Rieß on this Wednesday still in domestic isolation. Should one of them from you until Saturday but theestest, an offendment of the game after the regulations probably nothing in the way.

Reuter and heidel undoubtedly concerned

“According to our current information and knowledge of information, the game will be held on Saturday. Since the DFL has also announced that the game code is the critical criterion, we assume that the game will take place in accordance with the statutes on Saturday,” said Reuter. “We assume that the DFL examines our application carefully and approve the application within the scope of the order,” said Heidel.

Also, because of a syndesmoserism anyhin, belts would believe the view of the Augsburg lawyers in this case as “available”, since according to the statutes “sports-typical facts such as injuries… are not to be considered”. From Mainz view this classification is attached. If the exposure would maintain, all foresight for the 19-year-old Tristan poppy in the internal hierarchy for the 19-year-old Tristan poppy in the 19-year-old Tristan poppy.

The players tested on Tuesday last week, players could be free until Saturday

Three days remain until the actual game date, until then the Mainz player players can eat. The secretion can be terminated in Rhineland-Palatinate by a negative rapid test after seven days prematurely, whereby no typical symptoms have been present in the last 48 hours. After expiration of ten days, the insulation is automatically terminated anyway.

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This means: The players who have been positively tested last week on Tuesday would once again be “available to be available” on Saturday at 0 o’clock, ie before the targeted game date. Players with positive test last Wednesday until Sunday – too late for the game.

Augsburg shows willingness to lay game on Sunday

After game information, the FC Augsburg can imagine a transfer by one day for this Sunday and has already signaled this in conversation with the DFL.

If the game will not take place this weekend, the appointment finding is more complicated. In the coming week, the Mainzer on Wednesdays already to the catch-up game against Borussia Dortmund. In the following two weeks until the end of March, a country play period prevents a new exposure. At the earliest in the first April week could be on 5./6. April again played during the week – in the middle of the phase in the fight for the class preservation for the FC Augsburg. Clearly from the DFL perspective, it is also that the maintenance of the regular game operation is a higher-level target.