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The Brooklyn Nets have the hot expected duel at the Philadelphia 76ers impressively won 129: 100. In addition to Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, ex-Sixer Seth Curry projects out, while James Harden was not a factor in his old team at all. Ben Simmons received a frosty reception.

Philadelphia 76ers (40-25) – Brooklyn Nets (34-33) 100: 129 (Boxscore)

Passion demonstration of the Brooklyn Nets, which could not be impressed by the initially heated atmosphere in the Wells Fargo Center in the return of Ben Simmons to Philadelphia. Although the former No.1-pick came to use, but sitting on the bench and thus had the best view of the superior performance of the Nets.

Kevin Durant (25, 10/17 FG, 14 rebounds, 7 assists) and Kyrie Irving (22, 8/17 FG) disassembled the defense of the Sixers with elitary shotmaking, plus Seth Curry (24, 10/14 FG, 5 Steaven against his former team a classic Revenge Game. Brooklyn has long met over 60 percent from the field for a long time and led up to 36 points against disappointing hosts. “In the end it was damn quiet in the hall. I have no Ben Simmons Listening choirs can hear more, “Durant delighted after the game after the Sixer fans had rated several times Schlühlanschen against the ex-Sixer.

Disappointing was above all ex-Nets star James Harden, who in the first quarter with a stepback-three pacers legend reggie milde repressed three of the eternal leader, but otherwise elevated one evening for forgetting. The All-Star awarded all its ten attempts from the two-sector, in the end were only 11 meters (3/17 FG) and 6 assists in the boxscore. At halftime two you saw the guard with a bandage at the calf on the bench.

Joel Embid also had better performances in this season, the 27 points and 12 rebounds did not change anything. 15 Counters of it scored the cameruner at the free-scale, otherwise the center hit only five of his 17 throw attempts. Second best scorer of the Sixers was Tobias Harris, who came to 16 points (5/10 FG).

Durant and Irving Kontern Embiid

The Forward was thus in addition to Deandre Jordan the only player of the hosts, who hit at least half of his litters (Garbage Time excluded). As a team, the weak Sixers sinked magere 32 percent out of the field.

Already the first quarter was clearly the Nets, the free-wavy (10/13 ft) of Embiid did not change anything that Andre Drummond and Bruce Brown had already attached three fouls. The guests were not impressed by the heated mood, both Irving and Durant stood after twelve minutes at 11 meters and had each only awarded one litter.

Thanks to Curry, the Nets also picked up almost everything from the middle distance and thanks to a 14: 2 runs at the end of the quarter already with 40:23. 16 Counters went to the account of Embiiding, who was with Durant as in the first match of the two teams a heated worsening battle. On the other hand, harden was invisible and fell on only by constant lamentation.

Sixers fans boots own team

As a result, the events calmed down something that Nets had the thing under control. Irving continued to diligently hit pullups, Durant pulled an AND-1 against Embiid. Philadelphia had no answers in the defense, including eMBIID was not a factor because the Nets mainly took jumps and steadily met (66 percent from the field). On the other hand, the hosts were at break at just 27 percent and were so well served with a break behind 21 meters (51:72). Embid had more transformed free throws (15) as a team (13).

Even after the change, there was no improvement, Brooklyn fired further from all pipes. Curry had the hot hand and sent after a threesome a sparkling look towards the former colleagues on the Sixers Bank. By contrast, harden, only Harris and Embiid did not fight something, but the residue continued to grew up and in the middle of the third section were loud bushings from the audience – not against Simmons, but against their own team.

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There was no more peasant, even at the beginning of the final section, more or less the garbage Time began in which the Sixers still operated some result cosmetics. The Nets decided thus the season series against Philly with 3-1, but remain in place of eight of the Eastern Conference with a residue of five games on the first direct playoff square. The Sixers remain third, the lead on the pursuers Chicago (0.5 games) and Boston (1) but is marginal.