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Rocket Arena plunges into a deeper story with new content for season 2

Rocket Arena Final Strike Games was launched for the first time on PS4, Xbox One and PC this summer – joining the ranks of the online multiplayer shooters with colorful characters and caricural environments. We enjoyed the game at launch, renting his card and the design of his characters, and now EA adds even more content with season 2.

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The update of the content is centered on the new Leef character – which looks like a cross between a digimon and a korok. Leef comes from the legendary “Ancient Country”, and Rocket Arena seems ready to further explore this tradition of the game with a scary holiday event called “All Crater’s Eve” – ​​suggesting that we may explore new secrets in the popular jungle precious stones. map. According to the developer’s descriptions, Leef looks like a very handy character with intriguing magic capabilities.

Rocket Arena: Season 2 doubles the number of bots, adding 4 characters’ bot versions (Jayto, Blastbeard, Amphora and Izell) for players to fight in different modes. EA and Final Strike estimate that more robots means more fun, adding greater flexibility in matchmaking and preventing any empty lobby scenario – there will always be a way to play.

Many additions for season 2 aim to give existing players reasons to continue playing; Including a high level ceiling with an emerald green outfit to unlock for each hero, as well as an improved dodge movement to shake the gameplay. Developers also tinked the balance of some heroes and increased the number of daily and weekly challenges, making Rocket Arena a more fulfilling experience overall.

For those of you who have not yet checked Rocket Arena, EA offers Rocket Arena (Standard Edition) on Origin / PC for all Amazon Prime members. To benefit from this offer, see Prime Gaming before October 10th at / Rocketarena. It seems that EA and FINAL STRIKE will continue to add special content and events throughout season 2, so it’s the right time to take off!