FIFAE Nations Series: DFB spotless through the third week

Under considerable pressure, the DFB duo had stood for the weak second game week. Umut ‘Umute’ Gültekin and Mustafa ‘Xmuster19’ Cankal had to create direct rewriting in Division 1 of the Second European Conference to stay in the play-ins.

FIFAe Nations Series Online Qualifiers 2022 Play Ins Match Week 1 17.12.21
Of course, after the descent, the hurdles also fell slightly lower – Estonia and Slovakia instead of Portugal and Sweden. And the big weekly favorite Germany made a short process with the individually weaker competition: The enamel team won all twelve games of the six encounters.

‘Umute’ and ‘xmuster19’ let musks play

‘Umut’ and ‘Xmuster19’ completed the third play-in-week on the first place, thanks to 36 points, the lead on the worst “pursuer” Estonia ultimately whopping eleven counters. In addition to the DFB and the Estons, the Islanders also moved into the first division in third place before the last week.

Northern Ireland was the first opponent to develop the rise of Gültekins and Cankals, with 8: 2 and 3: 0, the German Duo sat down. Afterwards, Iceland (3: 0 and 3: 0), Estonia (3: 1 and 6: 1) and Slovakia (3: 0 and 3: 0) were also at the latest – the latter.

Heavy showdown in week four

The return to the Oberhaus of the Second Conference was already quasi before Friday, ‘Umute’ and ‘Xmuster19’ brought both against Bulgaria (3: 0 and 3: 0) and Russia (3: 0 and 3: 0) also without coming on full points. Thus, the DFB duo had to actually deny only three out of six duels.

While Germany, Estonia and Iceland maintained the dream of direct collection into the play-offs of Fifae Nations Series, the play-ins for the Division 1-relegated Romania, Belgium and Finland have run. Portugal, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Scotland remain in the race thanks to league.

In the fourth game week, the DFB team must reach the first place of the first division to secure the ticket to the play-offs. If this immensely severe undertaking fail, the back door remains over the Main Stage of the Online Qualifiers – the way to Fifae Nations Cup 2022 is still a way.