How to unlock a puzzle or silver student chef without calling Gachi in disney twisted

In Disney Twisted-Wonderland in the event The Culinary Crucible: Raising the Steaks there are two limited release cards that you can get: Apprentice Chef Riddle and Apprentice Chef Silver. Both maps are rare SR. Nevertheless, although you can experience luck in the mirror, there is also a guaranteed way to unlock them.

You can do it in the store after you earn the coins in the event. However, be careful because you can do it only once. This means that if you want both, and the other is best to throw the absorbent, until you get one, and then buy the one that you did not work. This is how to get one riddle of the student of the chef or a silver chef’s student without calling Gachi in Disney Twisted-Wonderland.

Unlock student chef for coins

  • Earn 1300 culinary burning tolets in the RAISING THE STEAKS event.
    • Note. The tokens are not transferred, so sweep all until the end of the event.
  • Go to a shop

Infinite Money Glitch In Another Life Simulator
* Go to Culinary Tigende
* Buy the magic key (culinary horn) for 1,300 culinary burning fabrics.
* Return to the main store
* Go to the Magical Key store (Culinary Crucible).
* Choose to buy either a pupil of the chef’s student, or a chef student silver.

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