Fortnite Chapter 2: Update 2.40 FIX NOTES Corrects incorrect achievement progress

A lot of things this week for Fortnite. not only the game contains a new entry called Chapter 2, but there are many new mechanisms, vehicles, a handful of new weapons and a brand new pass. Players who take part in the fighting pass will have access to a variety of unique costumes, emotions and special cosmetic objects in the game. Epic Games has published the most recent update notes for the hotfix 2.40.

Fortnite Update Notes 2.40

The update notes cover a handful of problems and problems that some players encountered during the first day of play came back online. He had gone for about 48 hours, stuck in a black hole. At the exit, everything was not the same and some players had problems.

Here are the last update notes for the game:

2.40 Update Notes for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4
  • Resolving a problem in which players saw the false successes completed. Do not worry: your correct progression is followed!
  • Fixed the restart problem.
  • Problem resolved: the screen is truncated / zoomed on the consoles.
  • Correction of the problem related to parameters – including keyboard link – the return to default values.
  • Fixed a problem causing FPS declines on PC.
  • Resolved crash problems.
  • Added improvements in the network connection.
  • Add Fixes for Framerate Deleting and Locking Problems.

  • Improving performance and stability.
  • Adding corrections for stuttering / delay problems.
  • Others under the fixed cover.

Het Nieuwe Seizoen beginnen we GOED | Fortnite Chapter 2

For players who got the incorrect realization progress bar for something they did not work, it should now appear correctly on your profile. While this bad bar disappears, players will receive progress for the achievements they should have gained.

The incorrect screen format was another important problem, namely the number of readers on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and sometimes on PC. This gave a cropped to the screen, forcing players to enter their settings to change their appearance. We had an article here discussing how to correct this and the measures to be taken by the players. If you always encounter this problem, check it immediately and make sure your whole screen appears correctly.

Fortnite The patch 2.40 is already out, players must see the changes and the download immediately when they enter the game.