All single-element fire cards in disney twisted

A Beginner's Guide to Building Cards in Twisted Wonderland [Open Captions]
In Disney Twisted-Wonderland fiery cards are the most aggressive. It is best to focus on an attack-based fire maps, but also add a balance card or protection to stabilize the team’s composition. Maps with one element are extremely valuable when playing against a scene battle or an exam with one element and will be central cards in your team for the specified fights.

Fire cards have an advantage against opponents of flora and lack of opponents of water. Use the fire cards on the Flora exam and in the plot battles “Flora only” or “Flora / Cosmos”. That’s all cards only for fire in Disney Twisted-Wonderland.

All Fire Cards with One Element

This list includes all cards with two “fire” type spells, as well as an attack type card (ATK), “Balance” (BAL) or “Protection” (DEF). Please note that some cards on this list can only be available on a Japanese server, but later will be added to the English server. At the moment, the best fire map in English server is the DORM UNIFORM RIDDLE.

Cards of rarity SSR

  • Mystery of the uniform of the hostel (ATK)
  • Scary suit, silver (BAL)

rarity SR cards

  • Laboratory clothing Kalim (DEF)
  • Terrible suit Mulleus (ATK)

R cards rarity

  • PE Floyd Uniform (BAL)
  • Caring for the Lady Day (ATK)

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