Stranger of Paradise: List of achievements and trophies

With the launch of Stranger of Paradise just around the corner, we are on the hot topic that all players love: trophies and achievements. Below you will find the list of achievement and trophies of Stranger of Paradise .

All achievements and trophies of Stranger of Paradise

Stranger of Paradise has a total of 46 achievements and trophies. Of the 46 achievements and trophies, 36 are secret / hidden, so you will find that list after the main list to avoid spoilers for anyone who does not love them.

Although there is a cooperative option at Stranger of Paradise, none of the trophies and achievements has the requirement to do something online or with other players. The whole list can be made only with IA, although it might be useful to have a friend to overcome the heavier trophies and achievements.

The breakdown of trophies is a platinum trophy, three gold trophies, seven silver trophies and 35 bronze trophies.

Achievement Name / Trophy Achievement / Trophy Description Player score value / trophy rarity
A history of origins and finals Get all the trophies. 90 / platinum
Hopes and dreams You have completed «Illusion at the end of the trip» 10 / Bronze
Memories of the far past You have completed a secondary mission. 70 / GOLO.
Memories of strangers You have completed all secondary missions. 10 / Bronze
Manifestation of the soul I used Soul Burst for the first time 10 / Bronze
Memories imbued He used a weapon skill for the first time 10 / Bronze
true potential The special effect of a piece of equipment was completely improved. 50 / Silver
Scholarly Unlocked all work affinity bonds for a single job 50 / Silver
He learned Unlocked all panels in the work tree for a single job 50 / Silver
A thousand uses Unlocked all jobs 50 / Silver

With the trophy and the achievement Stranger’s memories wanting you to complete all the secondary missions, you can use our guide that lists all the secondary missions you should do for this.

As regards the trophy and achievement of Jack-of-All-Trades, he is looking for almost 25 jobs as well as the three with whom he starts, so prepare for a small routine there.

Next, you will find the list of secret / hidden achievements and trophies. You may learn things you do not want to know, since there are certainly some larger spoilers that can be found here. Anew more are related to history, and it is not much you need to know in advance to unlock.

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Achievement Name / Trophy | Achievement / Trophy Description | Player score value / trophy rarity

The Pirate Road | You have completed «The trip begins» | 10 / Bronze
The king of dark elves | You have completed «audience with the dark elf» | 10 / Bronze
Distortion progeny | You have completed «Natural distortion». | 10 / Bronze
A memory landscape | You have completed «A family place» | 10 / Bronze
Wind light | You have completed «wind memories». | 10 / Bronze
Souvenirs of waves | You have completed «Poison Memories» | 10 / Bronze
The light of fire | You have completed «Fire Memories». | 10 / Bronze
Ghost memories | You have completed «Ghosts of the past» | 10 / Bronze
The light of the Earth | You have completed «Memories of the Earth». | 10 / Bronze
Shared memories | Completed «To remember» | 10 / Bronze
Water light | You have completed «Memories of the water». | 10 / Bronze
Malice cast roots | «Schemes of the past» Completed | 10 / Bronze
Course of duty | You have completed «Remembering home» | 10 / Bronze
Guided by the nose | You have completed «The suffering of fools». | 10 / Bronze
Term of destination | You have completed «a tense trip» | 50 / Silver
Origin of true chaos | You have completed the game in difficulty chaos. | 50 / Silver
Cycle of darkness | You have completed a mission of level 200 or higher in difficulty chaos. | 70 / GOLO.
There is no escape | He defeated a Cactuar | 10 / Bronze
Destruction of lanterns | He defeated a tonberry | 10 / Bronze
Search for power | You have acquired a soul fragment. | 10 / Bronze
Search for Supreme Power | You have acquired an alien crystal. | 10 / Bronze
Collector of artifacts | Acquired an artifact | 10 / Bronze
Carrier of the crest | He used a work shield in the blacksmith | 10 / Bronze
Awakening of the teacher | He used a master point | 10 / Bronze
Head of work | He achieved the Master Range ★★★★ for a job | 70 / GOLO.
Dark glass, warrior heart | Unlocked an advanced job | 10 / Bronze
Dark knight road | Unlocked the dark gentleman | 10 / Bronze
Road of the Paladin | Unlocked the paladin | 10 / Bronze
Ninja Road | Unlocked the ninja | 10 / Bronze
Road of the murderer | Unlocked the murderer | 10 / Bronze
Road del Libertador | Unlocked the Liberator | 10 / Bronze
Rompedor road | Unlocked the switch | 10 / Bronze
Vacuum knight road | You have unlocked the void gentleman. | 10 / Bronze
Tirano Road | Unlocked the tyrant | 10 / Bronze
wise path | Unlocked the Sage | 10 / Bronze
The name of it is Garland | You have unlocked the cyclical warrior. | 50 / Silver

There they have it, strangers, All Strangers of Paradise Trophies and Achievements You will need 100% of the game in any console of your choice.

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