Composition of the instruments. Government organization reorganization tactile

As the economy is established, 24 presidents and acquisition committee compositions have been completed as the economy is established.

In the future, the framework of the government is focused on the instruments of the government, which will be a full-fledged, in which the framework of the government organization to lead the Yun Seok-yeol government five years.

On the 17th, Kim Eun-hye, a spokesman, said that he appointed the Economy of Kaist and KAIST (KAIST) and acquiring the Chang Yang Tide Institute, Professor Wang Yun Jong Dong Women’s University, Professor Wang Yun Jong Dong Women’s University, and Yunwi SK Telecom ESG Innovation Group.

In the social welfare culture, the president of the Seoul National University, President of Seoul National University, Professor Yang Kyung-jung, Seong Kyung, Sungkyunkwan University,

In the Science and Technology Education, Park Sung-jung has been in charge of the secretary, and Professor Kim, Chang Kyung, and the Professor of Seoul National University Department of Education (the Ministry of Education, Technology and Technology).

The number of the acquisition is Park Sung-jung, “the affection of the broadcasting telecommunications and the depth of the Broadcasting Communications.” I am interested and explained that I have to take care of the detailed policy in the field of communications. ”

Professor Kim, Chang Kyung, said, “We have a study of science and administrative experiences, and recently, a 4th industrial revolutionary issue has been developed to have a deep research activity,” he said, “he said, Digital Platform We will help to concrete government commitment. ”

In the planning adjustment of the institutions released earlier, the purpose of the Congratulations (Professor of Seoul National University), Lee Tyong, Seoul, Korea, Layer (secretary), Park Soon-ae Seoul National University, Professor Yoo Sang, Sang Sang ▲ Economy 1 minute,

▲ Planning regulation

Congratulations (secretary), KRW,

Lee Tae-gyu, the president of the National Party,

Professor, Seoul National University, Seoul National University, Seoul National University, Seoul National University, Seoul National University

▲ Diplomacy

Professor Kim, Sung – Sang (Gifts), the 2nd in the Ministry of Foreign Ambassador, Seoul, Korea

Professor Kim Tae Hyo Sungkyunkwan University, former Blue Ward Foreign Strategy Practice,

Lee Jong-seong, former Joint Chief Chairman, former Army 7th Army. Daegu Achievement / Bullet 40

▲ Governor’s administration

Lake Layer (notice), former Prime Minister of the State Prime Minister,

Professor Park Soon-ae Seoul National University,

Yoo Sang Soo, Member,

▲ Economy 1 minute

Best November (Battle)

High Density 2022

Kim So-young, Seoul National University, former International Payment Bank Consultation, Seoul National University, Seoul National University

Professor Shin Sung-hwan, Professor Hongik University, Korea Finance Research Institute, Seoul Yeongdeungpo / Seoul National University

▲ Economy 1 minute

Professor Lee Chang-Yang Kaist (secretary), former Industrial Resources Department of Industrial Policy, Masano / Seoul National University Politics

Selection of Alpine Tide Institute, former Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Korea Aerona University, Korea

Professor Dong-Jong Dong Women’s University, former SK China Economic Research, Seoul National University, Seoul National University

Yuwi-hwan SK Telecom Advisor, former SK Innovation Group,

▲ Science and Technology Education

Park Sung-jung (secretary), former Seoul City Seocho Department, Gyeongnam / Sungkyunkwan University Administration

Professor Kim Chang-Kyung Hamyang University, Professor of the Ministry of Foreign Ministry,

South Korea, Seoul National University, Seoul National University, Seoul National University

▲ Social Welfare

Lee, Jae-il (secretary), former Central Labor Committee Worker Committee, Gyeongbuk Hwanghwa / Gyeonggi University Law

Kim Doo-sik Seoul Metropolitan Government Market, Former National Certified Secretary,

Professor Baek Kyung Ran Sungkyunkwan University, Samsung Seoul Hospital Infection Internal Medicine, Seoul National University Medicine

Ahn Sang-hoon, Professor Seoul National University, 18th Arguments Act, Hyundai / Seoul National University Social Welfare