There is already an exact date for the arrival of The Batman to HBO Max

According to the new strategy of Warner , The Batman should reach HBO Max 45 days after its premiere, and it was just because of this, that everyone assumed that it would be next 19 April when the new movie of Matt Reeves would arrive at this Streaming service. But now we already have the exact date and here you can meet it.

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Well, effectively, it will be April 19 when The Batman arrives at HBO Max , and April 23 when I arrived at HBO . This according to a new update on the official page of the movie, which you can see below:

So yes, Warner did not waste time and decided to make The Batman was available 46 days after its premiere in cinemas. This taking into consideration the March 4, 2022 as its release date, and not days before as it occurred in some parts of the world.

It is worth noting that it will not be necessary to have any kind of premium subscription or anything like that, it is enough for you to have the standard subscription so you can enjoy The Batman The next * April 19 in HBO MAX * .

Editor’s Note : For me, The Batman definitely deserves another visualization by HBO Max. The bad thing is that we will have to wait until their home launch to enjoy all the additional scenes that did not reach the theatrical version.