Tunic the swamp and the cathedral Guide of collectibles

Sayo, the adventure game about a small fox dressed in a tunic is now available and with it, you can immerse yourself directly into action. In the extensive world of the game, you will find all kinds of collectibles. In this Sayo The Swamp and The Cathedral Collectible Guide, we will cover the locations of all the collectibles that we have found so far in the area of ​​the game Swamp and the Cathedral.

What can I do with each Sayo Collectible?

There are a number of different collectables that can be found in tunic. Each one has a different purpose, such as improving your Zorro statistics or helping you learn about the game. Our guide center has a section on what makes each tunic collectable in detail. We cover the solutions and locations of Tunic Fairy and the solutions and locations of TUNIC Secret Treasure too! We also have a location guide on the pages of the Tunic Instruction Manual!

Next, you will find the locations of Pages of the instruction manual, magic potions, update elements, skill cards and gold coins!


The swamp – Magic Potions


  • From the Obelisk on the east side of The Swamp, go towards the road up, but close to the bottom, you will see a chest. Stay at the lower level and walk to the north to find a path to this chest.

The swamp – Skill letters

    • Daga strap ** –
      From the statue of the fox head as south that you can cross the door to the east. There will be a chest with this card.
  • Fragrance
    Once you go through the second door in The Swamp: Old Burying Ground, go immediately to the south and you will see a staircase next to a front door. Upload and open the chest for this letter

The swamp – gold coins

  • After going through the door, go through the Fox Shrine, go immediately to the south and upload a ladder. Lower the hill to find a chest protected by a large skeletal enemy. A gold coin is in this chest.
  • From the Obelisk on the east side of The Swamp, continue to the east and then south to find a space between the mountain and a chest beyond.
  • From the obelisk on the east side of The Swamp, head towards the hill and then south and you will see a chest immediately in front of you. Here there is another currency.
  • After obtaining the ability to teleport to Dash from the door that divides the east and west swamp, head to the south and up the staircase. Run to the top of the stone pillars at the dividing door and run south to reach the ledge with a chest.

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The Cathedral – Magical Potions


  • In the bosses struggle arena at the bottom of the cathedral, you can win this interacting with your podium at the right end.


  • Move through the dungeon until you reach the room above with all the cages of birds overturned and multiple enemies of birds. Before leaving through the southern door, look at the cages at the northeast of the room and you will find a hidden chest between them. On your map, it will appear as location 5.

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