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Who are the dark wizards in Hogwarts Heritage?

In the recent PlayStation State of Play, the fans have seen a huge open world of Hogwarts Legacy and all the dangers that pose a threat to the magical world. The action of the game is happening in the 1800s, and players will be the main character of the story, who visits the School of Wizard and Magic Hogwarts in the fifth year.

Players will face various Dark Wizards Threatening to destroy the world, freely wandering outside the sacred walls of Hogwarts. You will find that Goblins and dark wizards entered into an alliance to disrupt the established order in the magical world. Explore the world together with the professor Top to find out the truth about the mysterious appearance of these dark forces.

Harry Potter -
These dark wizards will have unique attacking and protective abilities, including curses, stunning spells and spells. Players will have to master the shield spell to reflect long-range spells and straight blows with weapons.

In broadcasting the gameplay, we saw how our main character fights with several of these dark wizards, as well as with goblines. Mastering spells, potions and other important aspects of battle will be an integral part of the Hogwarts curriculum. Players will learn how to create unions and make incredible magic feats, moving in their usual classes.

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