Technology wonder: LED Lightstrip for 75 euros makes TV

Who saves the money for a new, larger TV and still want to have the impression of a larger TV image, for which there is now a solution: Ambilight for retrofitting. With its immersion kit, the provider Goveee LED ensures that the color scheme of the screen is synchronized with a lightstrip (Lightstrip) attached to the back of the TV and so the image is subjectively magnified. This is how the image of a 55-inch TV feels like that of a 65-inch TV – and that of a 65 incher as that of a giant television over 70 inches. How to make movie evenings with James Bond, sports transmissions, but also gaming with Gran Turismo 7 even more fun. And that’s a great price-performance ratio – thanks to a discount promotion, there is the Govee Immersion Kit currently at Amazon for 75 euros. In addition, we have current top offers from Amazon for you.

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Govee Immersion: Ambilight for retrofitting

The ambilight for retrofitting Govee LED uses a 1080p ColorSense camera that captures the colors on the TV or monitor and applies with lighting effects on a Lightstrip, of course in real time. Goveee immersion thus ensures a more intense game or film experience and a subjectively perceived enlargement of the TV screen.

Installation and operation

Govee Immersion: Ambilight for retrofitting for TV with 55-65 inches. Source: Govee / Amazon

The self-adhesive LED strip of Govee immersion is attached to the edges on the back of the TV. Included are 2x 70 cm and 2x 120 cm, which is perfect for television with 55 inches or 65 inches. The likewise enclosed Colorsense camera takes on the TV frame or puts them in the middle of the TV. The LED Strip can be controlled with the Govee Home App, voice control via Alexa and Google Home Kit is also supported. With 12 scene modes, how quiet or dynamic the lighting effects should appear, as well as the brightness. Thanks to the integrated microphone, there is also a music mode that shines the smart LED strip after the sound of the TV.

Discount action at Amazon

For the Govee immersion LED backlight is currently running at Amazon a discount voucher action at Amazon, where you can save 5% at the original price of 77.99 euros. Here you can save 10% on the original price of 77.99 euros, resulting in a purchase price of 74.09 euros.

Goveee LED Immersion for 74,09 € instead of 77,99 € at Amazon

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Govee Lightbar: Immersion for smaller screens

Govee Smart LED Lightbar for screens with 27-45 inches. Source: Govee / Amazon

For smaller screens from 27 to 45 inches there is an alternative, namely the Govee Flow Pro Lightbar. Here you do not have a Lightstrip, but puts the two contained LED lightbars next to the monitor or TV, otherwise the whole thanks to the ColorSense camera works as well as the Immersion LED Strip. Also with this product of room lighting specialist Govee there are real-time synchronization, 12 preset modes, music mode and voice control. Amazon also offers the Govee Flow Pro Lightbar discounted, namely for 71.24 euros instead of 74.99 euros with 5% discount voucher).

Goveee LED Lightbar for 71,24 € instead of 74,99 € at Amazon

Current technology deals at Amazon

SSD, Controller, TV u. A.

  • SSD Samsung 980 Pro 2TB with Heatsink (PS5-compatible) for 291.99 Euro ~~ (419 €) ~~
  • Xbox Elite Wireles Controller Series 2 for 144.49 euros ~~ (179 €) ~~
  • TV from Samsung (QLED 4K, Neo QLED 8K, Crystal UHD) up to 46 percent cheaper
  • Laptops & Chromebooks from Asus and HP up to 25 percent cheaper
  • CPU AMD Ryzen 5 5600g 3.2GHz to 4.4GHz for 217.99 Euro ~~ (247 €) ~~
  • Prime movies lend for 0.99 euros each


  • Gran Turismo 7 PlayStation 4 for 63.99 euros
  • Gran Turismo 7 PS5 for 67.99 euros
  • Steering wheel / pedal set Thrustmaster T300rs GT for Gran Turismo 7 for 349.99 euros ~~ (475 €) ~~
  • Steering Wheel / Pedal Set Logitech G29 Driving Force Gaming for GT7 for 258.86 Euro ~~ (399 €) ~~
  • PlaySeat Challenge Black for Thrustmaster & Logitech for 189.99 euros
  • Gaming chair Downix for 199.99 euros with coupon ~~ (229 €) ~~
  • Gaming accessories (mouse, headset) from SteelSeries up to 50 percent cheaper
  • Games for PS5, PS4 and Xbox from EA up to 57% cheaper

Smartphones, Smartwatches, MacBook u. A.

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch4 46mm for 249.99 ~~ (399 € ~~)
  • MacBook Pro M1 (2020) 13 inch 8GB 512GB SSD from 1.395 Euro ~~ (1,636 €) ~~
  • MacBook Pro M1 Pro (2021) 14 inch 10 Core GPU 16GB 512GB SSD from 2,039 Euro ~~ (2,249 €) ~~
  • MacBook Pro M1 Pro (2021) 14 inch 10 Core GPU 16GB 1TB SSD from 2,399 Euro ~~ (€ 2,749) ~~
  • Apple MacBook Air M1 13.3 inch 8GB RAM 256GB SSD for 944 Euro ~~ (1,100 €) ~~
  • Apple MacBook Pro M1 13.3 inch 8GB RAM 256GB SSD for 1.202,99 Euro ~~ (1.412 €) ~~
  • Apple Mac Mini M1 8GB RAM 256GB SSD for 699 Euro ~~ (778 €) ~~

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* Apple iPad Pro M1 (2021) 12.9 inch 128GB for 1,049.63 Euro ~~ (1.199 €) ~~
* iPhone 13 Pro Max Alpingrün 128GB to 1TB at Amazon from 1,249 Euro
* iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB to 1TB at Amazon from 1.209 Euro
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* iPhone 13 Green 128GB up to 512GB at Amazon from 851,40 Euro
* iPhone 13 Mini Green 128GB up to 512GB at Amazon from 751.40 Euro

LED lights by Govee and Philips Hue

The Playmobil Delorean from back to the future is now particularly favorable.
Source: Amazon

  • Govee Immersion Kit WiFi LED TV backlight for 70 Euro incl. Coupon
  • Goveee LED Strip 20 meters with remote control for 39.99 euros
  • Philips Hue White & Col. Amb. Lightstrip Plus 2M connection base for 61.99 Euro ~~ (89 €) ~~
  • Philips Hue White & Col. Amb. E27 LED lamps in a double pack for 67.69 euros ~~ (99 €) ~~
  • Philips Hue White & Col. Amb. LED 3-he Spot for 188.90 euros ~~ (239 €) ~~
  • Smart lighting with Philips Hue and Govee at Amazon in the overview


  • Playmobil Back to the Future Delorean with lighting effects for 31.49 euros (~~ 49 €) ~~
  • Lego bestseller up to 48 percent cheaper

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25 Years Gran Turismo – This Jubilee The most successful PlayStation Original series celebrates Sony not only with the release of Gran Turismo 7 on March 4, but also with a special edition. The Noble Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition for PS4 / PS5 offers besides the game disc a steelbook case, the soundtrack, 1,100,000 credits in the game, a download code for Gran Turismo 7 PS4 and a lot more. Our Gran Turismo 7 test is available here!

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Gran Turismo 7 at Amazon

  • Gran Turismo 7 PS4 at Amazon
  • Gran Turismo 7 PS5 at Amazon
  • Gran Turismo 7 PS5 25th Anniversary Edition at Amazon
  • Gran Turismo 7 + PS5 DualSense Controller Cosmic Red at Amazon

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