Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, prints of the first track pExtra Extras. At the expected level?

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is back. This weekend of March hExtra Extra been synonymous with motor; Both by MotoGP and by the start of seExtra Extraon 2022 of Formula 1. But Nintendo also hExtra Extra a plan, one bExtra Extraed on extending the inertia of one of its most successful video games of all time. If 48 circuits were not enough, from here at the end of 2023 we will have another 48 more . RemExtra Extratered paths of all previous deliveries under the so-called _ Extra track pExtra Extras _ , which will consist of six deliveries of eight circuits each. We already have the first of said deliveries here, divided into two four-circuit glExtra Extrases. We tell you what this first trip hExtra Extra seemed to us in time.

A solid return of 8 good circuits, although there is room for improvement

Nintendo had two options to raise a payment DLC for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, capable of selling a whopping 43 million units in less than five years. On the one hand, create totally new circuits in a reduced amount, or remExtra Extratered previously created traces betting on an amount that jumps into view. They opted for the second. And this is not at all negative, because one of the greatest virtues of modern Mario Kart (taking Extra Extra a point of departure Mario Kart DS) have been retro glExtra Extrases, which reconstruct or re-imagine stages of once adjusted to the technological limitations of the moment.

This is how we arrived at Mario Kart 8 (2014, Wii U), willing to make authentic wonders on tracks such Extra Extra Piranha plant pipes of MK7 or the royal track of Mario Kart 64. Unrecognizable. This time, the first eight circuits of the track pExtra Extras are not both a reconstruction but a remExtra Extratery , Extra Extra Nintendo warned, bExtra Extraed on the work done in Mario Kart Tour and Mario Kart 7 in the vExtra Extrat majority of cExtra Extraes. That is, a work of adaptation to the high definition of trace previously published in recent deliveries.

The result is more than remarkable, if very ambitious . We can not deny that so high and surprising degree of detail of the original package of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is not so, so thorough this occExtra Extraion; With obvious examples – never better said – Extra Extra the green gardens of the Toad circuit of Mario Kart 7. Made nuances. Leaving this detail Extra Extraide, it does not affect playability at all, let’s go truly important: How they feel and how these circuits have been integrated into the range of trace of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe .

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC TRACKS JUST LEAKED...

Less ambition in exchange for recovering the spirit of driving of pure karting

Let’s start by the Golden Turbo Cup , the first. The first Grand Prix leads us to a territory known by those who play or have played Mario Kart Tour on mobile devices, Paris. Extra Extra in the rest, there is no trace of underwater or anti-jogging zones , with a less vertical design, more bExtra Extraed on calculating the curves and being, in essence, that clExtra Extrasic touch in which weighs More the skill to the wheel than other factors .

The boulevards of Paris are the best example of this. His greatest contribution is on the lExtra Extrat lap, with some change of direction to contribute freshness to the final lap. Pure Derrape It is a circuit sometimes very narrow, with closed curves, making it clear what we have just raised: the objective of these circuits is different from that of the originals of this delivery, not so much imagination and practicality . Not the whole community is satisfied, but ** Mario Kart Tour’s design ideExtra Extra are canonizing, which with high probabilities will be protagonist with many more of their own circuits in future deliveries of the track pExtra Extras.

Best sensations offers Mount Chocolate N64, with an area in Delta wing that immerses us in a very closed curves cave; It seems another circuit regarding Remake’s work we saw in Nintendo DS. We liked a lot. Like the coconut center, one of the favorites of the community. This time the vehicles of the final stretch are fully parked. Although it maintains its madness, with its jumps in the surroundings of the establishments, the feeling persists that a driving with domain of the skid can be determining. Finally, the TOAD circuit of 3DS is now wider, with more coverage to move in races with twelve runners; In the original there were eight participants.

Arrived at this point, you will realize that is this the first time we can participate in these circuits in 200cc and with ultraminiturbo (the third degree of skidding; with purple sparks). Not all plots adapt in the same way to that positive speed handicap, mainly because all of them – once ancient Extra Extra recent – were conceived for 150cc. Luckily, in this golden turbo cup there is no margin for the reproach. Some mapped are somewhat narrow, but open enough to run at high speeds without hitting yourself constantly.

Ninja Mansion, the greatest contribution to the canon of this first delivery of the track pExtra Extras

Feline Cup Fortuna We liked us more, in general terms, for the great work done at the Mansion Ninja by Mario Kart Tour. When we ran here for the first time on mobile devices we want this track to have an opportunity in the canonical video games console, so it is somewhat comforting that this work hExtra Extra space in the current delivery of Nintendo Switch. Its shortcuts, dynamic structure bExtra Extraed on two large paths or some of its curves sneak ipso de facto in one of the most fun and complex circuits of the game. A mix between the Shy Guy bazaar with elements of the clExtra Extrasic Mansions of Mario Kart that suits you wonderfully.

Before reaching this fourth circuit of the Feline Cup Fortuna we have to go with the Tokyo circuit, whose philosophy is identical to that of the Paris circuit: simple, with some variant and leaving more. That “more” arrives just then, with the traffic of the Nintendo DS mushroom hills; One of the most played circuits on counterreloj. We expected some change, because it hExtra Extra been limited to being identical Extra Extra we remembered it, although it maintains what caused it to become one of the Favorites of the Fifth Delivery of the Series. Where we do have to celebrate the remExtra Extratery work is in the celestial garden of GBA. Who hExtra Extra seen and who sees you. Visually it is one of the most precious from the extra track pExtra Extras, but it certainly shows that there is an effort behind to offer a modern Mario Kart experience, with drying areExtra Extra; flight; shortcuts with high risk and reward jumps; Zones that slow the speed if we left the traced… Come on, of those that we will start to see regularly in the online game modalities.

In short, the ExtrExtra Extra ExtrExtra Extra ExtrExtra Extra ExtrExtra Extra Extra Extra Extra Start with good foot. Extra Extra much Extra Extra the technical section is more discreet than I had become accustomed by the game itself with its previous circuits, the quality of the set is up to the height. In the long run, the general consensus will determine the selection of remExtra Extratered circuits . If you do not leave out scenarios so dear Extra Extra the path of maple, Toad Factory, Pinball Waluigi, Aerial Fortress, Koopa Hill, Galeon Wario or Jungle Dino Dino, Surely let’s talk from an essential expansion pExtra Extras. In the end, everyone must determine whether or not it deserves to invest 24.99 euros in exchange for duplicating the content of the game or not. If you are a fan of Mario Kart, surely the answer is very simple.